Fertility fast food women to get pregnant should already have to be consumed before getting married to increase fertility. Moreover, if you are married and want a quick is pregnant. Fertility foods pregnant women so that more of the present again.

A Pregnant Woman So Fertility Foods

Fertility fast food women to get pregnant should already have to be consumed
A woman’s fertility is closely related to the quality of health of gametes, ovarian, fallopian (fallopian tubes), uterus, menstrual and reproductive hormone balance. One of the important factors to support the health of the reproductive organs are nutrition-certain nutrients in foods.

Type Of Food: That Pregnant Women’s Fertility

In addition to the quality of the fertility of the man (husband), get pregnant and have a child also largely determined by the quality of a woman’s fertility. One of the efforts that must be made is by regularly eating foods pregnant woman so fertility. The following types of nutrients in food that can increase and improve the fertility of women to get pregnant fast, among others:

1. Iron

Rajin-rajinlah eat beef, green vegetables, beans, soybeans, tofu, tempeh, liver, spinach, cassava leaves, leaves of sauropus androgynus, kelor leaves, and foods containing iron. Iron is necessary for the quality of the blood into a means of transport for the distribution of water, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. So that greatly affect the metabolism of the body and a person’s fertility

2. Vitamin E

Perbanyaklah consumption of food in the form of beans, soybeans, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, kiwi, mango and wheat. The types of food that is a source of vitamin E most. In addition to the beauty of the skin, vitamin E is good for improving the fertility of women, improve the quality of the egg and prevent infertility

3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency causes became the emergence of PCOS. PCOS is a term health disorders in women be avarium syndrome Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or polisistik (PCOS). Vitamin D can be obtained from fish, cheese, beef, liver and egg yolk

4. Vitamin B 6

The next type of nutrition is vitamin B6. The consumption of vitamin B6 for 6 months may increase the hormone progesterone. A type of hormone that is in charge of releasing the egg during ovulation women. Vitamin B6 found in food in the form of green vegetables, fish-ikanan, chicken meat, potatoes, beef, avocado and certain types of fruit

Prevent Other Diseases That Plague Women’s Fertility

In addition to food to increase the fertility of women, avoid also the causes of the emergence of a variety of ailments that can interfere with the quality of fertility and damage to reproductive organs. Some of these are:

Cervical cancer
Abnormal vaginal discharge
Urinary tract infections
Inflammation of the pelvis (PID)

Maintaining health became one of the efforts that must be made so that women can get pregnant. Fix patterns of living with a healthy lifestyle to avoid various diseases that can damage the reproductive organs. From now on, grab your regular consumption of this type of food to be pregnant woman fertility

The apple company Come Mobile or portable Together with Secret For you to Skin tone Vibrant Certainly not Obtains Previous
apple company company base cell phone

Benefits biogreen apple stem cells for beauty skin and anti aging

The Bio green apple company Stemcell Spend less The Trillion Advantages On your Wellbeing Physique
The Bio green apple company base cell phone in addition to the magic formula to help skin vibrant never ever becomes older. Undoubtedly you are already aware dong what the products Bio green apple company company base cell phone? Yes, Bio green apple company company base cell phone plus is really a splendor item great include confirmed keabsahannya. ‘ve got recently been a lot of testimony from buyers whom already experience the benefits of stemcell Bio green apple company company europe. Use up Bio green apple company company base cell phone may not cause is dependent. Since Bio green apple company company base cell phone plus is manufactured out of substances pure premium quality. Consequently, safe and sound to be ingested without making negative effects harm. The kandungan dari  Bio green apple company Come Mobile or portable Collagen Can be a Answer Of all Problem Skin tone. Certainly not work with items chlorine bleach the skin that contain collagen?? What final results do you acquire?? Sure, pertaining to items chlorine bleach the skin this blog is very distinctive from the products of chlorine bleach used. Since items splendor Bio green apple company company base cell phone collagen carries a saturation stemcell Bio green apple company company europe. The actual womb stemcell works pertaining to slowing down the aging process beginning. To ensure the skin may look like young along with health might not always be sacrificed. The Bio green apple company base cell phone that contain:
Stemcell Bio green apple company company swiss+glutathione+collagen+argan+vit G? The way the terrible how to do the job Bio green apple company company base cell phone plus systems? Yes, items The Bio green apple company base cell phone systems can:
Reactivate the particular cell-cell sleep.
Correct tissue which might be harmed.
Regenerate skin tissue
Elegance item Bio green apple company company base cell phone go with always be ingested through all people. Not just that, having Bio green apple company company base cell phone plus furthermore there isn’t a era control. Meaning, kid, adult, even this even more furthermore permitted to eat. Consequently, pertaining to here and there you can do treatments without sensation virtually any pain. You should not demand centre splendor. For the reason that treatment by yourself in the home is usually you can do. As you know, difficulties inside skin tend to be virtually experienced through all people. It truly is due to various factors. Like, the result on the radicals, having less preserving individual health. After that having less drinking water, along with products for your treatment the skin. Nicely, along eat items Bio green apple company company base cell phone. You won’t encounter the particular identify zits, skin unexciting, skin chapped, komedo, and so forth. In fact you may have skin that will whitened, delicate, clean, small along with great. Actual intercourse tersebutlah inside idam-‘re desire through each lady. Hold the lovely never ever becomes older is really a have to to help constantly appear ideal. Not really?? You should know furthermore that will Bio green apple company company base cell phone may also greatly increase immunity one’s body. Yes, virtually any antioksidan higher in the womb glutathione. competent to retain the healthiness of your body on the breakdown of germs that produces the illness came. To ensure the physique may experience new along with fit everyday.

Prevent breast cancer
University the same also having a learning curve to find out the uses of the composition of the nutrition in the juice of pomegranates, among others luteolin, acid ellagic, and acid punicic are simultaneously able to prevent breast cancer.

Benefits consume fruit for our healthy
They wrote the results of the in the Journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment which in a nutshell says that the extract of the fruit pomegranates contribute actively in preventing the growth cancer cells of the breast. The women were recommended for routine consumption fruit pomegranates if you want to spared from the terrible disease in the area.

9. Prevent cancer skin
Because rich in antioksidan good for the skin, disease a kind of cancer of the skin can minus the risk. Obviously, bilamana pomegranates routine mengasup body then going on a decline in jedua kind of cancer of the skin, namely cell karsinoma basalt and cell skuamos. (British Journal of Dermatology, quoted from Care2)

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10. Give protection to DNA
Indirectly, antioksidan and fitronutrien important other in fruit pomegranates work to protect the (DNA) that were shown from some interaction with the genetic material of the body.

11. Control blood pressure
In Plant Foods for Human Nutrition Journal says it is clear that the extract of the fruit pomegranates have the ability in preventing increase in blood pressure that are triggered by consumption of food high fat.

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12. Give effects reduction weight
Benefits pomegranates against a decrease in body weight this didn’t happen directly, but rather began with the arrival of the effects of the uses of pomegranates in control blood sugar, improve sensitifitas body against sisten insulin, diffuse peradangan, and increases the various factor others involved in the syndrome metabolik trigger obesitas and diabetes

13. Mengoptimalkan reaction to the consumption of drugs oral
Research shows that cider fruit pomegranates able to increase efektifitas a drug used to fight bacteria gram can meresistan medicine.

14. Keep the enzyme PSA remains stable
Quoted from Tanyadok, PSA is an enzyme which role is to mengencerkan fluid ejaculation to ease the movement of sperm, the enzyme is released by the gland his prostate.

In a study that involved 50 people suffering cancer his prostate, some of them are always regular consumption of 8 ounces of the juice of pomegranates per day. As a result, people’s consumption of pomegranates every day to help enzymes PSA in the amount of steady, so reducing your need for the patient to do chemo or therapy hormones (treatment continued).

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15. Prevent and treat osteoarthritis
Fruit legend has that in a lot of hikayat this offers the effect of treatment on the suffering osteoarthritis. His works give the effect that is polifenol and a few fitonutrien else, everything also give the effect of prevention on this disease.

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16. Reduces the risk of blockage. the blood vessels
Ruby red work lower the risk of firing a blockage. blood in the veins makes the blood circulation to the heart and brain are disturbed or even paralyzed. The ability is also known with the effect of anti-aterogenik to the heart.

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17. Wasting cholesterol bad
Benefits pomegranates for the heart of the other is to lower the LDL (cholesterol bad) that invite a lot of disturbance of health, while other things that are also done by nutrients in pomegranates is to increase the amount of cholesterol all the usual known HDL.

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18. Doesn’t affect blood sugar
Researchers don’t forbid diabetics to consumption juice of fruit pomegranates have the taste of sweet because fruktosa. Long before they already hold a research to prove the negative impact of pomegranates on diabetics. The result comes surprisingly enough, it’s not going to change (increase) blood sugar significant in patients diabetes the every day routine to drink the juice of pomegranates for two solid weeks.

Sentra Craft Kaligrafi demak

tour in demak, many awesome moment and place

A wide variety of souvenirs typical Demak can be found in stalls around the Great Mosque in the. But tourists can also come directly sentra craft to be able to see from close the process pembuatannya. And of course see more options to can be purchased.

sentra craft demak

Sentra Craft Rebana

Rebana and marawis an art and culture that is a tradition and pride Demak, besides tembang and puppets. In the sentra this craft we so know a lot of the elements in the game rebana and marawis. Name, function and also filosofinya. The result of the production of it is also sent to the entire everywhere in Indonesia, including Borneo and Papua.


Tour Agro Jambu and Belimbing in demak

Maybe a lot of people already mafhum if belimbing is a culinary typical Demak, because Sunan Kalijogo whatever mempopulerkan tembang lir ilir gubahan Sunan Bonang. In the Betokan, tour agro fruit belimbing and fruit jambu image is then developed.

tour belimbing

Grebeg Big Demak

The tradition Grebeg Big Demak lasted during the month of Hajj or the month of Dzulhijjah. On the night before the day Led Adha, the 9th Dzulhijjah, liquor-arakan tumpeng songo was escorted from the pendopo district to the mosque Of Demak. Over the series the show pengajian and so forth, the visitors’m enjoying tumpeng songo is in the foyer of the mosque. On the next day, the 10th Dzulhijjah over prayers Led Adha, the peak of the event grebeg great progress. The soldiers tug dozens of mengiringi regents and staff berarak of the Great mosque in the towards the tomb Kadilangu to do penjamasan pusaka relic guardian and the kingdom of Demak.

Than 3 sightseeing above, There are also the tomb Kings first of which Raden Broken, Prince Trenggono, Aryan Penangsang and The sheik Maulana Maghribi is in the north of the Mosque Of Demak.

To tour culinary at Demak we can taste Sengkulun, snack typical District Demak made from the flour sticky rice, santan kanil, sugar sand, salt and dye. And also enjoy the sweet Belimbing & Jambu Ruby, fruit belimbing great with the sweet and fresh is a fruit typical Demak composed of three kinds namely : Limestone, Kunir and Orange.

Expanses of cliffs terjal with the texture of a neat à la the Grand Canyon in the US of course very beautiful if as objects picture. Don’t need far-far away to the land of Uncle Sam, it turns out that the view is similar on the border of Demak-Semarang, Java Middle.

Tourists started to give the name of the place is Brown’s Canyon since a few months ago. It is located in the Village Kebunbatur, District Mranggen, District Demak, but because it was on the border, the hills padas that known as the Brown Canyon Semarang.

Place tour a snap that actually places mining stone padas and not the location of the tour. However the results gerusan dozens of heavy machinery in there to make the hill-a hill shaped artistic and began to attract the attention of the citizens. There’s a ticket in diberlakukan by the citizens of the Village Kedungbatur that the Rp of 2,000 for one vehicle.

“Dig out this long. Start a lot of people come for photos that haven’t been there a year,” said the merchant a little snack in Brown Canyon.

When detikTravel visit there, not a boy-this young man just came to take a picture. Even some bring the company to use the car though the access road is hard enough.

Just have Amrullah (19) the citizens of District Semarang even willing to come a long way riding a motorcycle with his two friends, Lidia (19) and Rahma (20) to take a picture in there. He was interested after seeing postingan photos on Instagram and browsing on the internet.

“This is the first time for me. Teksturnya good, like the Grand Canyon, united States,” said just have.

“Photos going later uploaded on Facebook,” timpal Lidia.

Many spots are great to take pictures in there. Even a few visitors willing to climb the cliffs to get view right. Although still have to be careful because of steep cliffs and many truck bermuatan rock ago-lalang.

Access road to the Brown Canyon was pretty easy, although a bit far. If from the Intersection of Five Semarang, go straight on to the East until the fork to the right towards the Housing Pucang Ivory. Follow the concrete until fork place out in the truck stone then just follow the dirt road rocky until you get to lokas


Collection Dress Muslim Koko Kids, best design busana muslim etnik

Collection Dress Muslim Koko Kids, best design busana muslim etnik

One of fashion designer muslim are typical attached to a man is a fashion designer muslim koko. The fashion designer muslim koko is also there are a lot of changes are significant. If the before – before dress kind of koko this is the clothes muslim are based on the basic fabric of the heat and less friendly with the skin of a human, of course now has been modified with the use of the materials the base fabric, a more comfortable wear. Like a basic darik lint cotton and lint cotton. Besides on the basis of the fabric of the telahm through some changes, the model and style in their design has also been having an update that greatly increased. Maybe at first we can’t meet will kemodernnan style and model on the clothes of this one guy. But this time, model on fashion designer muslim koko this is a very fashionable and charming. So that we can remain’d dress the syar’i as well as can also be to always dress the fashionable.

Collection Dress Muslim Koko Kids Etnik

Clothes Muslim Koko Kids

To a boy who was early too, it is well and good if you teach a child to make him feel comfortable and happy mengenakab clothes Busana muslim koko Etnik on when relaxing at home, and what’s more, at the moment we as parents going to take her to peribadatan religion. Clothes muslim koko kid at this time also been designed resemble clothes muslim koko modern for a grown man, yet still in a size fitting for a child. Trend model dress muslim koko for a boy modified in such a way to be a balutan dress muslim boy with an accent that gaul, cool, and funny that can captivate a child.

Photo Clothes Muslim Koko For Kids

For those of you who want to know the trend fashion dress muslim modern and latest certainly, we have been serving some of recommendation example pictures of fashion designer muslim koko latest century special for a son beloved and dear to you. Where so that you can make from a few example images of dress muslim koko this as an alternative of the selection you want. We’ve rangkumkan in basic the bertemakan Example Clothes Muslim Koko For the Latest.

Design Clothes Muslim Koko Kids
Example Clothes Muslim Koko For Kids

All this explanation we can say about anything that might be useful for you. And may what we serve you desire and we at once apologize if there sajian less satisfactory. Instead we also have a choice of strings Example Model Mukenah Muslims Modern Latest 2015 that might you interest to see it. Thus we can say, thank you and we wait for your visit back to see the trend example clothing muslim latest other.

AMANAH AQIQAH … Will be working with a full mandate in carrying out your mandate.. TLP; 0813 700 900 11/0813 9700 7900

Aqiqah according to language it means, “slaughter” or “cutting”. This is the meaning of selected by Imam Ahmad bin Hambal so he said: “it’s (that) Aqiqah is none other but the slaughter itself”

According to sharee’ah is the slaughter of cattle on the seventh day of the birth of boys or girls. On that day the child was given a good name and the hair of his head shaved.

The Prophet said:

From Samurah ra, indeed the Prophet had said: “any newborn child tergadai (becoming dependent) with aqiqanya until killed (aqiqah) it for her on the seventh day, shaved and given the name.” (Narrated by Imam Ahmad, and ratified by Four At-Turmudzi).

so, thanks to the sacrifices for the sake of Aqiqah is the birth of a newborn baby, which was carried out on the seven because of the Almighty God.

Aqiqah or akikah in Shari’ah has meaning as animals are slaughtered to make up for the baby to be born. As it was legislated by God Almighty, it certainly brings the wisdom and benefits those who carry it out. Being highly recommended especially to families who can afford to, as the Prophet said:

“For the boys the slaughter two goats for slaughter daughter and one tail. And will not harm you, whether the (doomed) male or female. ”


a. Legal Aqiqah

The scholars. Some argue that the law is mandatory. Aqiqah legal opinion the most powerful is the sunnah muakkadah (sunnah which is highly recommended), and this is the opinion of the majority of scholars and most major implementation is the seventh day of the day of his birth.

Wisdom beraqiqah is himself as euphoric sense of Disclosure for the sake of tegaknya Islam and descendants who later would reproduce the people of Prophet Muhammad SAW Strengthening rope silahturahmi among community members in welcoming the arrival of a new-born child. The sources of social security and to remove poverty in the public Release of the infant from the temptation of the devil in the Affairs of the world and the hereafter.

b. Whereas the benefits are as follows

1. Is the sacrifice for the closer to God, (reward) for a newborn to the natural world.

2. A child who has fulfilled these aqiqahnya God willing more protected from disturbance syaithan which often disturb children. This is what is meant by Imam Al Ibunu Al Qayyim Al Jauziyah “that afford him from syaithan tergadai by aqiqahnya”.

3. Is the child’s debt to give the ransom intercede for his parents the day of reckoning.

4. as a means of revealing Aqiqah sense of elation in carrying out the Islamic Shari’ah & increasing descendants will reproduce a faithful believer of Prophet Muhammad on the day of resurrection.

Place of Tour in Bangkok and Pattaya Thailand
Place of Tour in Bangkok and Pattaya Thailand

Guide place tours we give in the country Thailand it covers some of the territory known as in the city of Bangkok and Pattaya, as well as the surrounding areas. This country grew mengedepankan tourism as a source devisa by doing a series of pembenahan. Object tour is the natural place man-made as well as visit spiritual place-a place peribadatan don’t miss empowered. The beauty of the region of Thailand it’s been spread all over the world and become one visit a recommendation on the continent of Asia. You want to vacation to this country? Please compared to this guide here.

As for an interesting recommended in the capital of Thailand is as follows:

The River Chao Phraya. Down the beauty of the river that cut the city of Bangkok at night with the use of cruise ship luxury and dinner delicious is teromantis that can be done in the Chao Phraya. The length of this river 372 miles and be right in the region of Samut Prakan. If you like to visit this place during the day, usually you will get asked by the tour guide to visit the temple of Wat Arun. But if you’re down this river at night, then board a luxury that brings you don’t stop at the temple. Because the goal was just around to enjoy the building-the building with the exotic and of course take a picture of the boat with the background of the bridge Chao Phraya which is similar to the flyover pasteur or similar bridge Suramadu that connects the city of Surabaya with grow up.

the river chao phraya bangkok

Chao Phraya
The Temple Of Wat Arun. Place tour and pray it’s famous with its beauty, when at night, especially if seen from the boat that crossed in the river Chao Phraya in the city of Bangkok. Name Arun itself taken from the name of one of the gods in India, that the gods Arun (Sun). His real name long enough which is Wat Arunratchawararam Ratchaworamahavihara, and is one of the temple of the old capital of Thailand. If you visit during the day, then the activity that is interesting take a picture with the background of the temple. Indeed, the weather here quite hot, almost similar to Pattaya.

the temple is famous in thailand

Wat Arun
Sanctuary of Truth. The location is on the edge of Crescent Moon Beach (the beach is quite beautiful), the Sanctuary of Truth is still in the region of Pattaya Thailand it is a place of worship some sort of shrine that was built in 1981. The entire building was made from material wood. This temple is very interesting as the object tour, filled with the carving, start carving the statue of god until the carving depicting the Buddha. As the object in the photo, a beautiful place this is highly recommended. Unfortunately, the tickets go toward the Sanctuary of Truth quite expensive so not many come berwisata here, but instead of heading to Floating Market Pattaya is located not far away.

In order to visit college to understand how the process
running text on the make and airing on TV. We had a learning curve
directly with was coached by the staff of the CONTENTS of TV that mas Sartono. We entered
room MCR (Master Control Room) where Running The in make and in

running text on the make and airing on TV
put it.
Before you know further how to work Running Text. We first
first learn things or what device it was on MCR. Here
is a list of the equipment in the MCR CONTENT of the TV :
Hardware, among them :
a. I WANT (Computer Graphic)
Computer Graphic is a PC which is assembled in accordance with the
the needs of processing images of either video or audio. Computer
Graphic have the specs of the device are good and berkwalitas for
compensate it works strong for the process of editing and processing
b. Video Switcher
A Video Switcher is a device used to mempreview,
opt / menyeleksi picture which will direcord or displayed
in live in the program a TV show. Video Sitcher have some
the line input is connected with some cameras taking pictures.
The images in the video switcher will at all reveal through the monitor
and then can pick and choose good shots for your production.
c. Audio Mixer
Audio Mixer be useful to choose and set the sound to not gain,
equalizer and others. Like a Video Switcher, audio mixer used
to sort out the sound that will be on record. The difference sound can in mixing
and also give effect simple through the Audio Mixer.
d. Audio Video Preview Up
Audio Video preview up connected with a monitor and speakers /
headphones. This is a soviet / output of the video switcher and audio
mixer. Useful to control the images on the record or on
in a live.
e. The Matrix Switcher
Is the stem of the switcher, the Matrix Switcher menginput of the video
switcher, computer graphic, audio mixer for the then united
be one and then put it / on the water.
How to work Matrix Switcher
The Software for Running text murah The TV and karakteristiknya, is :
a. Water Box : for playlist software, used to
drafting programs what will be up in a day even
a week into the future. Video Playlist useful for :
Make a Play list of broadcast•
Automatically set time play, the logo on / off, loop•
Video trimmer•
Report / log broadcast (printing the record of the broadcast)•
VTR Video

Preview up
On The Water
Extra : formats to MPEG2 ; 4:3 ; bit rate max 6000 KBPS•
b. Adobe Premiere : software editing video, in it there
some template for running the. In adobe premiere too
design your own logo and credit title.


The Market Inpres Garden Vegetable. If you hear the name of the market, is what comes to mind? Usually travelers think that the object of this is the market needs day-to-day. And it’s a great one. Place tour famous it is a center by-by and souvenirs from the rock gems. The city of Balikpapan is known as one of the central craftsmen of stones jewels and akik famous in Indonesia. A wide variety of rock lords, accessories women are the following: necklace, bracelet, earrings, souvenirs, brooch, beads, and cloth-batik typical Dayak, Borneo East available in full here. The location of the Market Garden Vegetable just about an hour from the airport Sepinggan, and it is quite easy to find by tourists.The Market Inpres Garden Vegetable.

The Market Inpres Garden

The Beach Melawai. The location is not far from the Beach Kemala. Although the location of the second place tour this is not far, yet the ambiance is very different. If the Beach Kemala impressed luxurious with like modern berjejer on the coast is, on this beach You can enjoy culinary masterpieces with a price that’s very affordable. There are many dealers food around the beach, the menu offered a variety ranging from meatballs, pecel lele, ice, coconut and so much more food is typical local.The Beach Melawai

Village On Water Margasari. The area of the village floating above the sea is laid out very beautiful and beautiful by the government of the city. Village On Water Margasari first is the settlement a slum and got damaged by the big fire. But now be a village that is very suitable as sightseeing. No wonder if this place is able to deliver the government the city of Balikpapan grabbed the award Innovation Management Urban (IMP) Awards year 2013 ago. If you ever pay a visit to floating market in Lembang Bandung, the atmosphere have similar but this valley is more extensive and is above the sea not a lake like in the market apung area.Village Above The Water

Canopy Bridge Hill Bangkirai. Tour the the cool this is an adventure inside the jungle primary, and can take 90 minutes or 58 km from the City of Balikpapan. The most preferred by tourists in the area is a Canopy bridge (bridge hung in the trees). The length of the whole canopy bridge that was in the Hill Bangkirai this is all 64 meters which connects 5 Bangkirai tree. To reach this bridge, available tower from the wood of ulin established around a tree trunk Bangkirai. Sensation is a unique and thrilling this it is said that at this time there are only eight in the world.tour balikpapan

Thus information about the place’s interesting that you can make reference berwisata if a visit to the city of Balikpapan on Borneo’s East. We will always give update to the latest object interesting in the future. And to ease travel your vacation, please use the map available below.

one of the main reasons in doing packaging
a. The product packed can be more lasted.
b. The product generated has a high quality
c. The pack qualified security and kemanfaatan
d. The pack can also work as a media communication is an image of the particular
Answer C.

one of the main reasons in doing packaging
Proposal : there are three main reason in doing pengemasan, among other things :
Ø Pack qualified security and  kemanfaatan Pack can desain kemasan ketela implementing program marketing Pack is a way to increase the profit the company

2. Generally the pack has the function, unless …..
a. Protect and mengawetkan products.
b. Increase efficiency.
c. As the identity of the product.
d. So the more interesting consumer
Answer D.

Proposal : in general the function of the pack there are three, namely :
Ø Mlindungi and mengawetkan products
Ø As the identity of the product
Ø Increase efesiensi
3. Why paper soluble not be used in materials up groceries ….
a. His character is strong.
b. Easy to dissolve in the water.
c. don’t have the resources hambat good on gas.
d. easily affected by the humidity air environment.
The Answer Is B.

Proposal : Paper soluble is paper that can be water soluble. According to the FDA
(Food and Drug Administration) this Paper should not be used as the materials packed because its that easy to dissolve in the water.
4. Paper used to pack food supplies like butter, margarine, meat and coffee is …..
a. Paper, Glasin
b. Paper Parchment
c. Paper Candle
d. Paper Tyvek
The Answer Is B.

Proposal : Paper parchment was used for the packed grocery store like
butter, margarine, biscuits are berkadar fat high, cheese, fish (wet, dry or cooked), meat (fresh, dry, diasap ataudimasak), the result of cattle else, a cup of tea and coffee. This paper has endurance fat good, have strength wet (wet strength) is good, although in the boiling water, its surface free fiber as well as odorless and no taste.
5. The kind of plastic are much used as a material pengemas, except ……
a. Polistiren
b. Polivinil chloride
c. Bogus
d. Akrilik
Answer C.

Proposal : bogus those are the kind of paper used as padding or cushion on the fragile.
6. Traction on the pack can be classified into two, namely …..
a. The aesthetic and design
b. Design and Visual
c. Intrinsik and Ekstrinsik
d. The aesthetic and Functional
Answer D.

Proposal : the charm on the pack can be classified into two, namely the charm of the visual (aesthetic) and magnetism practical (functional). The charm of the visual (aesthetic)
refers to the appearance of the pack. The charm of the practical (functional ) is the the compound and the efficiency of a pack that are addressed to the consumer or the distributor.