Sentra Craft Kaligrafi demak

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A wide variety of souvenirs typical Demak can be found in stalls around the Great Mosque in the. But tourists can also come directly sentra craft to be able to see from close the process pembuatannya. And of course see more options to can be purchased.

sentra craft demak

Sentra Craft Rebana

Rebana and marawis an art and culture that is a tradition and pride Demak, besides tembang and puppets. In the sentra this craft we so know a lot of the elements in the game rebana and marawis. Name, function and also filosofinya. The result of the production of it is also sent to the entire everywhere in Indonesia, including Borneo and Papua.


Tour Agro Jambu and Belimbing in demak

Maybe a lot of people already mafhum if belimbing is a culinary typical Demak, because Sunan Kalijogo whatever mempopulerkan tembang lir ilir gubahan Sunan Bonang. In the Betokan, tour agro fruit belimbing and fruit jambu image is then developed.

tour belimbing

Grebeg Big Demak

The tradition Grebeg Big Demak lasted during the month of Hajj or the month of Dzulhijjah. On the night before the day Led Adha, the 9th Dzulhijjah, liquor-arakan tumpeng songo was escorted from the pendopo district to the mosque Of Demak. Over the series the show pengajian and so forth, the visitors’m enjoying tumpeng songo is in the foyer of the mosque. On the next day, the 10th Dzulhijjah over prayers Led Adha, the peak of the event grebeg great progress. The soldiers tug dozens of mengiringi regents and staff berarak of the Great mosque in the towards the tomb Kadilangu to do penjamasan pusaka relic guardian and the kingdom of Demak.

Than 3 sightseeing above, There are also the tomb Kings first of which Raden Broken, Prince Trenggono, Aryan Penangsang and The sheik Maulana Maghribi is in the north of the Mosque Of Demak.

To tour culinary at Demak we can taste Sengkulun, snack typical District Demak made from the flour sticky rice, santan kanil, sugar sand, salt and dye. And also enjoy the sweet Belimbing & Jambu Ruby, fruit belimbing great with the sweet and fresh is a fruit typical Demak composed of three kinds namely : Limestone, Kunir and Orange.

Expanses of cliffs terjal with the texture of a neat à la the Grand Canyon in the US of course very beautiful if as objects picture. Don’t need far-far away to the land of Uncle Sam, it turns out that the view is similar on the border of Demak-Semarang, Java Middle.

Tourists started to give the name of the place is Brown’s Canyon since a few months ago. It is located in the Village Kebunbatur, District Mranggen, District Demak, but because it was on the border, the hills padas that known as the Brown Canyon Semarang.

Place tour a snap that actually places mining stone padas and not the location of the tour. However the results gerusan dozens of heavy machinery in there to make the hill-a hill shaped artistic and began to attract the attention of the citizens. There’s a ticket in diberlakukan by the citizens of the Village Kedungbatur that the Rp of 2,000 for one vehicle.

“Dig out this long. Start a lot of people come for photos that haven’t been there a year,” said the merchant a little snack in Brown Canyon.

When detikTravel visit there, not a boy-this young man just came to take a picture. Even some bring the company to use the car though the access road is hard enough.

Just have Amrullah (19) the citizens of District Semarang even willing to come a long way riding a motorcycle with his two friends, Lidia (19) and Rahma (20) to take a picture in there. He was interested after seeing postingan photos on Instagram and browsing on the internet.

“This is the first time for me. Teksturnya good, like the Grand Canyon, united States,” said just have.

“Photos going later uploaded on Facebook,” timpal Lidia.

Many spots are great to take pictures in there. Even a few visitors willing to climb the cliffs to get view right. Although still have to be careful because of steep cliffs and many truck bermuatan rock ago-lalang.

Access road to the Brown Canyon was pretty easy, although a bit far. If from the Intersection of Five Semarang, go straight on to the East until the fork to the right towards the Housing Pucang Ivory. Follow the concrete until fork place out in the truck stone then just follow the dirt road rocky until you get to lokas


Identify The Solar system in the Observatory Bosscha Bandung
Identify The Solar system in the Observatory Bosscha Bandung
Home Elephant
the rides the games village gajahBerupa the rides water adventure which is very famous and this place is a sightseeing new in Bandung. Home Elephant Lembang located in the street Sergeant Bajuri KM 3,8. 20 the rides water games that obliged you to try. Place recreation this family is always crowded on weekends, especially in the holiday season of school. If you’re tired of playing here, the Home of Elephants also supply a variety of like with the theme of the food variety. Cuisine western, chinese food and local also available at various locations disetting apik. To this place is most suitable if beramai-crowded with family, relatives or friends.
the window of Nature

windows the bandungTempat tour new is very match for your vacation with children. The means of recreation this family is quite close to the Village of Elephants, located about 500 meters before. The concept of tourist outbound applied this place not just to provide entertainment alone but also the knowledge for “the little guy”. Windows Nature Lembang is open from the hours of 09.00 in the morning until the hours 16.00. So make sure to object interesting this since this morning so not crammed with visitors other. Here son-your daughter will know how to look after and feed the cattle, plant flowers, swim, and even make the sand castle. That’s fun, isn’t it?

Hillbilly Bamboo

home layung villa hillbilly bambuTempat this was on the border of Lembang with the territory Bandung West. Hillbilly Bamboo give you the experience of a holiday that is very complete for the family. Interesting is, the object runs a resort tematik it provides the villa that is unique, like a variety of themes, flower garden are so gorgeous presence, activity cycling are healthy, learn to plant rice and even a camping ground in the open that the equipment has been available. So you don’t need to bring a tent alone. On a weekend or holiday, Hillbilly bamboo is so crowded, even over booked. So it’s recommended to do reservation beforehand either online or via phone. You can call (022)82782020.

Thus information place tour in Lembang, in the region of Bandung North. Actually there are many more objects which you can visit here without the need to visit the center of the city. So you can be spared from the congestion that sometimes make stress activity holidays to do with your family.

One of the meneropong star ln order to recognize our solar system can be done at the observatory Bosscha was in the area of Lembang, Bandung. This place is actually a laboratory research astronomy belongs to ITB. So all the visits to have my permission institution. But you don’t need to worry because they would allow anyone who had an interest in meneropong stars in the observatory Bosscha to day or night. This is a form of devotion to the Institute of Technology Bandung to the public.

snorkeling in coral coast
tourist places To honeymoon in Indonesia best
The Province Of Babylon. Tourism object Bangka Belitung and highly recommended as a place to make lasting memories for married couples. Indeed, during the long vacation (high & peak season), it became very crowded by tourists from all over Indonesia. But if you avoid that season, the peace of this region is highly recommended to celebrate special days together couple. You can choose to visit the island of Bangka Belitung Island alone or alone. If your time is long enough, it is highly recommended to visit both.

the beauty of bangka belitung tour

The Island Of Belitung
The Area Of The Valley. Places with this cool since it first became a vacation destination and location of honeymoon citizens of jakarta. Journey to Bandung city pretty short so it is very appropriate to married couples only have time celebrate the wedding with the duration of a short vacation. Attractions in Lembang in West Java is also quite interesting and not tiring for you both. In addition to soak in the hot springs in Ciater, kabasaran mount Tangkuban perahu, you are also obliged to taste delicious food in the floating markets in the region.

the market buoyancy lembang

Floating Market Lembang
Losari Beach. A romantic place that is on the island of Sulawesi is quite frequented by young couples who recently married. Especially for the residents of Makassar. If the evening, the beach Losari in Makassar have a tinge of Orange a very attractive which can be enjoyed from the window of your hotel room. And by night, you can enjoy a candle light dinner in the romantic restaurant resto-along this beach. And in the morning, swimming or diving are both around the island of Salmalona is the right choice for young couples.

samalona island

beautiful beaches around Losari Makassar
Raja Ampat. Although in total Indonesia citizens who came to this place not many and most are adventurers who are well-established financially, but the Raja Ampat Islands has become the main destination of foreign tourists to do couples honeymoon. The natural beauty that is still natural and a very calm atmosphere, plus a luxury resort made witness to the love of married couples is a blend that is ideal to celebrate happy day two. If the Fund does not become a constraint, we are sure you are also attracted to Raja Ampat, and could only be active for days around the resort with breathtaking scenery as in the picture below.

lodging raja ampat

Honeymoon in Raja Ampat
the beach of Cape Lesung. Banten area indeed has many beaches, charming and often serve as a honeymoon location pretty close to Jakarta. Tanjung Lesung is chosen as the location of memories for the couple who just got married because it is very quiet and you can dive. The landscape is also not inferior to the beaches in Bali and Lombok. Indeed, the cost of staying in luxury hotels in this place is quite expensive, but what’s the harm for the moment that happens once in a lifetime is celebrated both in such a place. Moreover, if you already backed up the funds specifically for the holidays memorable memorable.

diving in tanjung lesung

Tanjung Lesung Banten

Thus the information for those of you who are looking for a honeymoon in Indonesia that the country is not only recommended for domestic communities, but also to foreign nationals. The romance and beauty of nature is a very precise object as a witness of the love the couple just got married.