the model of homeBasically everyone wanted the residential home idamannya spacious and luxurious, but is currently searching for a land area as well as an extensive residential land is very difficult especially in urban areas. Thus the availability of land for residential home dream is absolutely little or arguably very narrow. For it if you want to buy or build a new home, you should look for a minimalist type which is not too widespread for example type medium or type 45. Although the type 45 is not too large, you can make a minimalist house with 2-floor or two floors. Indeed it is now better to apply a model of minimalist House 2 storey so that the soil in the country run out quickly and development tidalah can regularly (don’t continue to build).

bangun rumah cepat is Model 2-story minimalist home is also a versatile function to the needs of family members of residents in having the number of spaces or rooms, the solution has a House with a room that much although his home land area is very narrow, can be created or modified to place of business at once.

Model 2-story minimalist house
In creating a model of minimalist House-floor 2, you should pay attention to the following points so that you are not wrong in building a House later. Things to look for in the construction of a House with 2-story model that is in the setup of the room or the room between level 1 and level 2 must be equal in number to make it look not suffocating and narrow, the use of furniture and furniture do not too much better use as necessary according to your needs, the use of paint or color the walls on the 1st floor and 2nd floor had to be the same, the lighting must also be available enough , and the base of the floor could use a motif or color to suit your taste. That’s the thing that is important in establishing if the minimalist house terraced.

But if you are less satisfied with the things already mentioned above, you can create or add shapes and minimalist house model 2-story unique and creative in your home by adding the motif or color according to your tastes and kesenangann respectively. If you use your own creativity in your home, then it could be your home into a lot of inspiration and reference for many people in creating residential home scandals.
Such a description of model 2-story minimalist House already described above, may be useful for all of you who will build a House