Protect Products
The packaging must be able to protect the product, either from within or from outside influences, moisture, influence of O2 and should be able to protect it from the influence of improper Handling. The use of high quality raw materials and the correct Handling is an attempt to protect products ranging from when crated, use when used by consumers. The minimum requirement is a product packaging packaging must be able to protect the integrity of the content of the product.

Facilitate The Use Of The Product
Another function of packaging is to make it easier for consumers to use the product. Convenience for consumers in the sense of easy packaging is opened, its content is easily removed and is easy to carry.

Beautify The Appearance Of The Product
The appearance of the packaging changed by how big you mendesain kemasan produk jualan can embellish the look of the product, making it look more interesting. The packaging is very determining consumer interest against a product. If the packaging is nice and exciting, the consumer will be observed in more detail the products offered. The shape of the packaging must also be adapted to the needs and should be always a creative and innovative products as well as a growing trend, so that it can perform different or one step ahead of the Pack – a type of packaging.

Packaging not only a container but also complementary with the objectives of the paper may look more dominant. For example, a doll from the corn skin packaged with the pedestal using the wood, thus these dolls look more beautiful and interesting than not using plinth.

As for the principles of the basic materials of the packaging itself is very varied, like plastic, wood, natural fibre, cardboard, glass, mica, and so on. All depends on whether or not a suitable product on the packaging. It is important to understand that the work of the sale, then the packaging should be more useful to protect the paper from damage, whereas if the packaging then to display it as a major work of supporting and must not dominate from the main work.

Dainty bandage products-V is the fabric for women that are safe and comfortable. Made from a selection of high quality, soft and has a good absorption. This woman’s cloth pads also save money because it can be used and repeated washing. For easy mencucinyapun because blood stains are not easily made an impression.

In addition to comfortable, dressing as well must be safe to use. Fairest-V-Pads of cloth A Woman safe and comfortable-answering the problem because it does not use chemicals and glues.

Staff personnel will prepare a number of tricks to help your problem. Wait for their actions and occasionally asks for sustainability. This fifth step will resolve your issue because stafpersonalia are usually not familiar with the problem of penjilatan.

Co-worker flatterers are common in the world of work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, confront him with doing the steps above because you have the right to work conveniently. Try it and good luck!


Product packaging, by some 100,000 votes and positioned as the little things that sometimes escapes attention. In fact, packaging has a very important function, start protecting product; image, image and identity of the product; media information to the promotion or sale of a product. Therefore, do not consider trivial and trivializing the occasional presence of packaging.

At the very least bisnis kemasan produk, the function and importance of the packaging of the product there are 3, namely:

First, Physical Function. Product packaging had the most basic functions of physically as protective containers and products contained therein. Therefore, product packaging must be reliable against collision, sunshine, water, temperature, pressure, dust, air and others. The packaging must also be safe from contamination hazards (physical, biological, chemical), storage and delivery of safer, as well as secure at the moment and after its content is consumed.
The negative effects of Food Packaging for health

Secondly, The Function Of The Information. Product packaging is good not only hold up physically, but also should fulfill its functions to provide correct information to the consumer. The information in question is anything that is considered important to be known by consumers by referring to and obey the applicable laws and regulations.

Third, The Function Of The Promotion. Product packaging that is OK also must fulfill its function as a medium of promotion and sales strategy. Related Packaging Products, this surely must be unique, attractive, can do a presentation by itself, as well as being able to give a first impression that attract and persuade consumers so that the intention and action to buy it.

So, don’t be random in selecting and using the PRODUCT PACKAGING. By wearing a good product packaging and fit, success is already in sight. This of course must be a synergy with the products that are really good quality.
Food Packaging Information:

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Packaging is a way or a safeguard against the treatment of foods or foodstuffs, in order that the food or food ingredient good that has not been processed or that has undergone processing, can get into the hands of consumers with “Congratulations”, in quantity or quality.

Food or food ingredient interaction with the environment can cause adverse impacts to these foodstuffs, among others:

1. mass Interaction:
– Contamination mikrobia (fungi, bacteria, etc.).
– Insect Contamination.
– The addition of water or menguapnya water.
– Collision/friction.

2. Interaction of light:
– Against Oxidation of fats, proteins, vitamins, etc.

3. The interaction of heat:
-Occurs the sandbar, the color change.
– Defective nutrition, case hardening etc.

10 Unique Product packaging design + & Interesting – On this occasion I will provide a picture of a product packaging design is certainly unique and interesting could make reference to the buddy inspiration. On the current packaging design products already increasingly diverse range of forms and the more unique. This is proof that the packaging design very influential towards the sales of a particular product a product. The more attractive the packaging designs so the higher a person’s wishes also to buy the product. For example we take for example only if PAL went to a mall, there is a product of the same shoe but has a different packaging designs. That one wears a nice cardboard and branded while another one just wrapped up with regular plastic, then definitely for sure buddy would choose a shoe product packaging cardboard and wear brand. Although the price is more expensive but the quality of these shoes is also better than the packaging that mediocrity. Why? Because usually the product packaging is nice and branded wear nicer materials compared with ordinary shoe, so it will be more durable and not easily damaged. Unlike the shoes are packaged with random, there would be long-lasting because it is made of quality materials that are less good. This proves also desain kemasan produk makanan that the design has the power to bind the buyer’s heart.

Here I provide a unique product packaging design and interesting I have auto summary from various sources specific to PAL design arena. May be useful as a model for all of them. Okay just go ahead without a base following the drawing again stale:
10 Unique Product packaging design + & Interesting
10 Unique Product packaging design + & Interesting

interesting beverage packaging design

Straw Glasses

.packaging design nike shoes unique (2)

packaging design nike shoes are unique

Packing Winds Of Nike Shoes


12 design unique watches

Watches In Water

.packaging design unique shoes

Penguin-Shaped Shoe Boxes

packaging design unique shoes 2

Wearing Cardboard Hanger Strap Shoes

unique shirt packaging design

Unique Shirt Box Packaging

packaging design unique headset

Headset Shaped Note Beams

design unique nail kemsan

Packaging Of Nails

scanwood unique packaging design

packaging design unique brushes

Paint Brush-Like Mustache Man

packaging design flower pot unique

Paper Flower Pot


How to design a unique-unique, isn’t it? The 20 + packaging design unique and interesting Products, may be useful for all PAL. Don’t forget to keep visiting and follow updates about other design through FACEBOOK and TWITTER Design Arena!

The coming of the day of Idul fitri holiday living waiting for a matter of days. Typically, at the momenta moment like this is the best selling product in the market is the cake lebaran. No wonder that this opportunity is often made as the business fields by most businessmen.
Its market demand tends to be increasing every day lebaran arrived, making the pastry business mutual race to attract prospective customers. One of them just by regard for packaging pastries that are used.
Packaging Pastries Must Be Unique So That Consumers Are Interested In
In addition to the menomorsatukan taste pastries offered, display packaging pastries is also quite used to affect people’s interest to buy. Because, the consumer of pastries that are average in dominance by mothers and the womenfolk tend to make purchases after falling in love at first sight. For this reason you need to pay attention from now on so that Your pastry business could not compete with kemasan kue kering.
Check out some tips on choosing product packaging pastries, because packaging pastries must be unique in order for consumers interested in your product.
Select the shape of the jar unique
In order for Your pastries products are marketed not uniform with its competitors, it’s worth when you choose the shape of the packaging of the jar that is unique and interesting. For example, such as using the jar glass jar or flannel which forms uniqueunique. However, you need to note here surely you should be aiming for the right market segment given the cost of production used surely greater.
Use the cardboard packaging is beautiful
Besides choosing a unique jar form, you also need to complement Your pastries products with packaging cardboard. When you need to make the cardboard packaging design with logo image and brand your product. That way, consumers can more easily remember your products.
Add a Ribbon or accessories
Last add ribbons and accessories to beautify the look of packaging pastries. You can also mengkreasikannya with beautiful ribbon or purse shaped to resemble parcel lebaran. The more unique You Pack the cookies, then the higher also the appeal of your product in the eyes of the consumer.
By creating a unique cake packaging design and interesting pastries products, sure You not only recognize the prospective consumers but also have a high enough value on the market. Hopefully a little tips this business can give you new inspiration for the member and salam success!