Who is not familiar with Warren Buffett, an owner of the company this Bershire Hathaway has become one of the richest businessman and billionaire in the world. With a total asset of which dates to reach the 525 billion us dollars or about Rp 6.825 billion (exchange rate of Rp 12,500 per us dollar), born August 30, 1930 it had achieved success after he sells a bottle of coca cola in Omaha when he was 7 years old.

In addition to the interesting struggles be traced, we can take positive things from him like a habit that made Buffett himself was able to achieve this remarkable position. These three habits of Warren Buffett capable of delivering him into a rich and successful businessman.

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1. Never stop learning

The first habit of Warren Buffett was never stop learning. In his annual letter to shareholders 50 to Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger, Berkshire, one of the leaders talked about a secret of success that is when Warren Buffett to get more attention that have been favored with a more serious study of it.

“After Buffett discovered his talent and his skills, then he will focus and continue to devote attention to it by continuing to learn anything that related to their fields.” said Charlie. No doubt if then Buffett became popular because of its ability to the continuous honed with sharp for 50 years.

Buffett himself indeed a lot using the time to sit down and think on a particular field of interest. This is done Buffett nearly every day and every time. This is very unusual in business and life in a fast-paced and American professionals. However this is not dipedulikan by Buffett and he really liked that kind of life.

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2. always Wait through the process

In the business world is very quick and changeable, businessman does require patience in the capital itself to achieve success and triumph. This was the nature and characteristics of Warren Buffett. On an occasion in 2003, Buffett has said that he has bought a number of shares of Wells Fargo.

But on the other hand, among the six major ownership itself at a large company he changes positions like in Coca Cola in 1994, American Express in 1998, Gillette in 1989, Washington Post in 1973, and Moody’s at 200. “When we do change it, the Broker didn’t love us.” explains Buffett.

In 2010, the Buffet again stated his opinion that he will need a good performance of its business because it will do a big acquisition. When all was prepared and all equipment is already used, but when Buffett planned to buy the business with a value of 10 billion us dollars, Buffett finally had to wait until the opportunity comes by itself.
3. Do not hesitate to give a compliment

Lastly, the habit of Warren Buffett can make it successful and became the world’s billionaires is no doubt by giving praise. Warren Buffett is indeed the person who was fond of extolling the team manager that exists around it. As in 2009, Buffett praised Ajit Jain head Bershire Hathaway Reinsurance and often predictable as the candidate or candidates who would replace Buffett in Berkshire.

While relaxing, Buffett had talked with analogous at Charlie and Ajit, three of them that if they were on a ship and the ship was then leaked, then with an option can only save one person, then He will save the Ajit. This must be a sign of how Buffett always do not hesitate giving a compliment for people or employees who are overachievers.

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In 2005, Buffett back menyangjung and give praise on Tony Nicely by saying that Tony Nicely has shown amazing results in the insurance sector by increasing market share, high profits and strengthen the brand. Then Buffett in a forum said at the bottom of the participant if they have a new son or grandson was born, then they should call it by the name of Tony.

Buffett is indeed aware that success and her success was due to the support of others. “Wherever we are, we must take the time to thank those who helped us in achieving success.” said Buffett.