It’s good when you want to rub the tooth that is good and right, sikatlah your teeth first before you take a shower, not while you’re showering. This makes you don’t focus and be hasty in brushing my teeth.
The habit of brushing your teeth while bathing
7. the lazy habit of toothbrush
Is there any among you who are lazy to brush your teeth? Hmm never again yes friends, because when you’re lazy toothbrush, sorry for your teeth that will be eaten by the germs, let alone in remaining teeth former food that has not been cleaned. Because when your teeth are sore, instead of your own right who feel it?

8. Habit of using an ordinary toothbrush
You need to know that everyone has to have 1 toothbrush and must not be used simultaneously, this could result in germs that will be contagious. In addition, you must be using a soft textured toothbrush so it does not hurt Your teeth and gums.

9. do not clean the tongue Habits
Indeed clean your tongue could be the umpteenth activities for you after teeth cleaning, but cleaning the tongue is also very important because there are a lot of normal germs that get left on the tongue while we eat.

10. the lazy habit of replacing toothbrushes
It is also a hazard for the health of your teeth, do not let you use a toothbrush salama 6 months more and not replaced. This is not good for your health. Replace Your brush 3 months once as explained above.

That’s some mistakes that are often performed while brushing my teeth. Avoid bad habits listed above are thus can damage the health of your teeth. From now on do good habits to maintain dental health so that you will be spared the pain of a toothache that almost makes You can’t sleep all day.

Even though you may have done the above activities, might as well after this you will change the bad habits for the sake of the health of the teeth. Because whenever we have dental health issues then the process will happen is we will eat while distracted. This will affect the digestive health in the us. For that let us dental health care with care for it as well as brushing my teeth well without injuring the teeth and leave the bad habits that we do.