My question short, could kill the animal but besides aqiqah goats, like cows, buffalos or camel? We ask that along with the evidence. Jazaakallaahukhair.

aqiqah service in malang
Assalamu ‘ alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

If it is the ‘ goat ‘ is other than a cow, Buffalo or camel, allowing most of the scholars, although there are differences of opinion.

But if it means aqiqah is replaced by alms with money or with feasting on food to the poor, all scholars agree refused if still want called aqiqah. Because the definition is in fact killing the aqiqah animals.

Because basically the aqiqah as defined, that which is meant by aqiqah:

مَا يُذَكَّى عَنِ الْمَوْلُودِ شُكْرًا لِلَّهِ تَعَالَى بِنِيَّةٍ وَشَرَائِطَ مَخْصُوصَةٍ

The animals were slaughtered over a baby that was born as an expression of gratitude to God with intention and specific terms.

Already a provision that aqiqah should only be by way of slaughtering animals only, should not be in the form of others, such as buy raw meat and then cooked and served in banquets, with the intention of aqiqah.

When do I like it, its name is not aqiqah and certainly not valid in law. Even in the reward of charity remains usable, but this way is certainly not a jasa aqiqah murah malang

The Original Example Of A Goat

If we trace the nash original, as exemplified by the Prophet when slaughtering animals aqiqah for both his grandson, indeed that he was slain that goat.

عَقَّ النَّبِيُّ عَنِ الحَسَنِ وَالحُسَيْنِ عَلَيْهِمَا السَّلاَمِ كَبْشاً كَبْشاً

The Prophet menyembelihkan to Hasan and Husayn each goats kibas. (Narrated By Bukhari)

Shall With In Addition To The Goats?

The scholars differed concerning the capacity to replace goats with other animals. It was a given that the sample recovered from the Prophet indeed with slaughter goats.

However, if the example of the Prophet MUHAMMAD were the terms and conditions, or be a minimum limit, in this case the scholars differed. Scholars generally allow the slaughter of goats in addition with aqiqah, provided the type of animals as sacrifices, namely an-na’am, like camel, cow, or ox. There are however some scholars that limits only justified with the slaughter of goats only.

1. Scholars

The opinion that allow beraqiqah with the addition of the goat is the opinion of the majority of scholars like Al-Hanafi sect, As-Syafi’iyah, and Hanbalis. While among the Al-Maalikis, there is a difference between allowing and history that does not allow. But more of this sect rajih, allowing it.

According to the understanding of the language, it was taken from aqiqah syllable aqqa meaning piece. According to Al-Azhari, Abu Ubaid and Al-Ashmu’i, aqiqah is all the hair on the head of the ank sewktu was born. It gives the name to the “legitimate” aqiqah or goat slaughtered because the hair that is on the the child is cut off to coincide with the slaughter of a goat. Because that’s mentioned in a Hadith, “Singkirkanlah therefrom excrement.” And the mention of “Shah” (goats are slaughtered) by exactly jasa aqiqah online.

It was narrated from ‘ Aisha Radi anha, “in the days of ignorance, if people do aqiqah over their small children coloring a piece of cotton with blood aqiqah, then mreka the hair is shaved and put on his head.” [1]
Akiqah and his laws
According to the Shari’ah, akikah is an animal that is slaughtered when shaving the hair of the child. The law is muakkad sunnahs akikah, based on the hadeeth of salmaan Ibn aamir AZ-zhabyi, he said; I have heard the Messenger of Allah said, “with the birth of a little boy there akikah. Pour the blood (and kill animals) on his behalf and hilangkanlah dirt (Barber) from him. ” [2]

Narrated by Samurah Ibn Jundad Radi ‘ Anhu, verily the Messenger of Allaah ‘ Alaihi wa Sallam said:

كُلٌّ غُلَامٍ رَهِيْنٌ بِعَقِيْقَتِهِ تُذْبَحُ عَنْهُ يَمَ سَابِعِهِ وَيُحْلَقُ وَيُسَمَّى

“Any newborn child was born it was tergadai by the akikahnya who were slaughtered on his behalf on the seventh day of his birth, shaved and given the name.” [3]

Narrated ‘ Aisha Radi Anha, he said, “the Messenger of Allaah ‘ alaihi wa Sallam to slaughter akikah on behalf of hasan and Husain on the seventh day, give them a name and told to shave the hair of their heads.” [4]

For one person, a boy killed two goats, and for a girl slaughtered a goat.

Narrated ‘ Aisha Radi Anha, he said, “for the boys, which killed two goats, and for girls that one sheep.” [5]

Narrated Umm Larz Radi Anha, verily the Messenger of Allaah ‘ Alaihi wa Sallam said:

عَنِ الْغُلَامِ شَاتَانِ وَعَنِ الْجَارِيَةِ شَاةٌ

“For boys, which killed two goats, and for girls that one sheep.” [6]

Terms of Akikah

Animals killed for the purposes of akikah must be free of defects, the same as animals for sacrifice. So the animal must not be the case as below:

1. Squint

2. A limp

3. Does it hurt

4. The Skinny

5. Crazy

6. The broken horns

7. The mangy

8. Who was cut in the ears and legs, because that reduced rations.

Question: is it permissible to akikah with animals castrated? [8]

Answer: may, akikah using animals neutered, dianalogkan with sacrificial animals, because the Prophet Sallallaahu ‘ Alaihi wa Sallam never sacrificing two goats who castrated.

Recommended in Akikah

1. when slaughtering animals akikah, someone recommended reading “Bismillahi ilaika wa minka hadza, fulan aqiqatu” (with mention of the name of God; O God, this is from you, and presented to you as akikah si polan)

2. Kill it at sunrise.

3. Shave the head of the child before the animals were slaughtered. It is argued afterward, based on facet lahiriyah Hadith.

4. gold by weight For her hair. If you don’t have a gold can be with silver. Recommended none animal bones that his sacrifice is cracked, with hope for the sake of the health of the child.

5. According to the view of the Saheeh, it is recommended to cook animals akikah using candied (cooked with a taste somewhat sweet), so that the morals of the child being sweet.

According to imam Al-Shaafa’i preferably cooked meat animals are delivered to the people poor. But also not anything if invited or present them.

6. Mentahnik (menggosok-gosok throat) the child with sweets. Ideally with dates. Based on the hadeeth of Asma ‘ bint Abu Bakr Radi Anha, he said, “When they contain Abdullah bin Zubayr in Mecca. I went to Medina and rest at Quba ‘, that’s when I gave birth. Then I took her to the Prophet. He took the baby and put it on your lap. He asked for a date. And after it was chewed, he then spit it out into the mouth of the baby, so that first of all enter into his stomach is spit the Messenger of Allaah ‘ Alaihi wa Sallam. Furthermore, he was rubbing the Babe’s throat with the dates. Then he pray for and bless her. ” [9]