Protein is one of the very nutrients required by the body. This is because protein has a function to help the body to absorb the protein, minerals and used as a source of energy. Consuming protein is also one of the best ways to gain weight naturally. The amount of protein intake should be consumed in a day is 10 grams to baby, 52 grams for children, 42 to 52 grams for teenagers, 46 grams for an adult woman, 56 grams for men and 71 grams for pregnant and lactating women. Not only due to the lack of the protein that has the impact of bad for health, but someone that excess protein can also cause other health problems. For those of you who have yet to figure that out, here is the result of an excess of protein for body health.

This is due to an excess of protein for health

Causes of osteoporosis

The first result is can cause osteoporosis. Proteins that are too high can lead to acid production that is too high. And acids that are too high in the body can also cause bone’s ability to absorb calcium being lower. As a result the body would lack calcium. As you may know someone who is a deficiency of calcium can cause problems in bones, one of the satuna that is osteoporosis.

Cause uric acid

Result of the second is can cause gout. This is because proteins from animal fat that can increase the amount of cholesterol. As you know uric acid can also be influenced by the amount of cholesterol is high. So if not immediately addressed this can lead to complications.

Impair the kidneys

Due to excess protein is the next can interfere with the work of the kidneys. Generally the kidneys serve to filter all types of substances or wastes that are generated by other organs. If the body of excess protein is of course this may be damning the function and performance of the kidney itself. This is because there are many harmful substances such as toxins that must be filtered by the kidneys.

Weight increased

In addition, excess protein can also cause heavy and someone on the rise. Therefore an awful lot of people who are underweight are consuming protein intake as a way to gain weight. This is because in 1 gram protein contains about 4 calories. So for those of you who are on a diet should limit the intake of protein for each day.

Improve cholesterol

Next up is can increase cholesterol. Excess protein can also cause excess body koleterol. Bad cholesterol that builds up it can cause other health problems, such as hardening of the arteries, leading to heart disease to strokes.

Now that’s some due to excess protein. In addition, excess protein can also lead to the risk of cancer, disorders of the brain, cataracts, headaches and more. So that the body remains healthy and avoid excess Manfaat protein, make sure you always compensate with foods that contain vitamins and nutrients is high, drinking plain water and exercise regularly.