Choco Crust Recipe Homemade Chocolate – Chocolate is the mention of food or drink the processed results of cocoa nibs, chocolate that is identical to the expression of feelings, compassion, love and romance is often made as gifts or gifts with all kinds of shapes and unique taste. A taste of cocoa beans is actually extremely bitter. To get the original flavor of the chocolate itself requires a fairly long process. Process starting from picking fruit chocolate later in fermentasikan for five days and during this process must join with the extra scrutiny so that the results are good.

Brown beans that have been fermented in the drying process and then in the sort and in select where the seeds are good and which are bad. Because in any one rod Brown (100gram) that has been processed need 80-90 a nice Brown seeds in order to produce good quality chocolate anyway. Not only is it chocolate Beans dried still must go through the process of roasting. It turns out that this is useful to remove the distinctive aroma of chocolate that we often enjoy during this time.

Completion of this process there are still some more that process does require quite a long time. Including separation kernels Brown of her skin, the process of destruction, milling to produce a thick brown liquid in the form of pasta. Then from the next pasta add milk and sugar to taste slightly sweet on chocolate. From the above process further in the process of churning taking place over three days in this pasta chocolate stir endlessly, it aims to reduce the acidity of chocolate.

Next up is the last process that is separating the milk processing based on chocolate mengasilkan cocoa powder and cocoa butter (white chocolate) and in the process this is the cocoa butter in the chocolate bar into a sport. This stem is brown then in sports as the manufacture of a range of types of cakes, snacks and beverages. As we’ll share is one type of snacks or snack with a unique sensation of mild dimulut chocolate delights. Choco Chocolate Crust Recipes i.e. Homemade that use chocolate toping with the primary that can be selected according to taste.

Like choco crunch, marsmallow, oreo, chacha or choco crunch original version containing a mix of crispy rice with lumeran chocolate. Choco Chocolate Crust recipes homemade is inspired from the owner of the brand at the same time that has popularized the choco crust i.e. Denu Brown. He was the one who had given the opportunity to join thousands of people to market their products and also enjoy the sweetness of the chocolate business results are processed in the beri label choco crust.

Because of our fascination with Choco Crust Recipe of chocolate, we will also be a variety of ingredients and how to make a homemade Chocolate Crust Choco for you. May the presence of Choco Chocolate Crust Recipes KW Homemade here can satisfy you the chocoholic.
Choco Chocolate Crust Recipes Homemade
Choco Chocolate Crust Recipes

Choco Chocolate Crust Recipes Homemade
The Main Ingredient Of Choco Crust:

Dark chocolate
Rice crispy

Toping Choco Crust Ingredients:

Can add other toping according to taste

Packaging or Containers that are used:

Jar or glass Jar
Make sure the jar is already in a State of sterile and clean

How to make a Choco crust Taste Original:

The first step to cut the chocolate will be melted down.
Next melt the chocolate depends on the way in the team (the trick with cooking chocolate above the pan containing boiling water).
After that prepare a jar or other container, then fill 3/4 section of the jar with crispy rice.
Then chocolate that has been input in melt until the jar is full.
The final step after the cold start to harden and Brown soon Closed meetings of the Jar.
Choco Brown Crust classic homely tasty and delicious ready to be enjoyed.

How to make a Choco Crust flavor is almost the same with making sense of the original the difference is if in the original sense there are only 2 layers i.e. rice crispy and Brown, then on choco crust flavor there is 3 layers. Dasari in 1/3 part of the jar with ingredients toping like oreo, chococruch, marsmallow, chacha, and others. 1/3 part with crispy rice and 1/3 part of the rest with the melted chocolate. Repeat with each toping served and here’s how:

The first step, soak the JAR in an inverted (under lid) using hot water, make sure the jar in a State of true true meeting.
Next unggu until chocolate melts.
After that mix until evenly using a spoon, choco crust flavor can also directly d enjoy.

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