Efficacy Glucola MCI
Now present, Glucola from pig. glucola very many benefits to our body. A lot of people who don’t like the taste of milk because eneg. well, it had glucola dairy delicacy. not as eneg dairy in General. the price of glucola relatively cheaper but still keep the quality in other competing product appeal. many are already feeling the benefits of glucola pig, previously hesitant eventually bought, and which does really good for the body.

Package Glucola MCI and Nano Spray

Efficacy glucola mci

-. What is Glucola PIG?
The latest product is the PIG Glucola of PIG that has a content of Gluthation Precussor + Alpha Lipoic Acid + Collagen (ALA)

-. khasiait glucola mci what?
Gluthation and ALA is known as the master antioxidant that regulates and has effect against the other to have antioxidant functions as it should. Without the role of Glutathione, lymphocytes will not produce antibodies to fight off bacterial infections and malignant viruses that harm the body.
While the Collagen has the most largest function was as a supporter of the skin. According to dr. Eric from the University of Pennsylvania, 80% of the weight of our skin is composed of collagen. Useful to make the skin more elastic.

-. Gluthation Precussor it what?
Basically our bodies naturally has and produce Gluthation. However, during the past 20 years of age the production of glutathione reduced according to the expansion of our age. For that reason we need the Gluthation Precussor as Gluthation in producing raw materials.

Agent Glucola MCI

efficacy glucola mci

CS Glucola 082232834055 W 278D4827

-. Anyone who could drink the Glucola?
Every person who craved a more healthy body and skin whiter and brighter. (12th +)

-. Is it safe Glucola for pregnant and nursing mothers?
Basically Glucola Produk is vitamin for the body and is safe for consumption. But for expectant mothers in the recommend to ask for approval from your doctor first.

Be for sufferers of heart or diabetes?
Boleh donk …

-. Already there is a permit from the Department of health?
Yes there is already permission from the health office 21,360,303,309

-. Halal Glucola gak?
Yes …. For its Lawful we have got the certification by MUI

-. How many sachets/day?
1sachet wrote every day before going to bed.

GLUCOLA Useful much better than the level of the supplement for:


1. Make the skin supple, toned, Leibh & elastic
2. Reduce Pocked on damaged skin
3. Flatten the skin color which was originally Striped become white
4. Remove the black acne scars or Flek2 due to Sunlight, use KB, & age factor
5. restore the skin after Skin exposed to Detoxify & cream containing Bermerkuri
6. The skin will feel Fresh, shining, Bright & Looks Ageless
7. To whiten the skin evenly (permanent)
8. Reduce the redness of the skin caused by inflammation or yangg skin sensitive
9. Lower the Dark Melanin Pigmen2
10. Reduce Small garis2 & Wrinkles
11. Whiten The Black Parts On the elbows, armpits, knees, Crotch &
12. Prevent Acne Acne healing process speeds up &

1. Remove Nyeri2 on bone
2. Reducing the Loss on the hair
3. Curing migraine, pusing2 to Vertiligo
4. Strengthen Bones
5. Dispose of the toxic Zat2 on the body
6. Prevent a variety of diseases caused by free radicals
7. Increase Stamina
8. Prevent Cancer
9. Help Cure Diabetes, cholesterol, asthma, Sinusitis, TUBERCULOSIS &

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