Age gets forward to push to change various fields in the direction of modernisasi, do not miss also in the field of Education. Technology Information and Communication or used for short TICK is a science new to taken everyone, including the Teacher. The teacher role as tutor and pedagogue the students in the School should be able to use the device TICK in the process of learning.

The importance of his mastery of the TYPEWRITER for a Teacher

The importance of his mastery of the TYPEWRITER

The use of the TYPEWRITER for the teacher is very important ln order to maximize the Process of Learning and Pembalajaran, pengadministrasian school, penunjang means of learning, and other stuff.

Teachers at least can operate a computer and some application of Office like Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office Power Point.

Microsoft Office Word is an application processing dokument – dokument-based text. Teachers can use Ms Word for the creation of letters School, the Plan Commencement the Study ( RPP ) and Silabus. Besides, too, the teacher can make about – about the practice, and ulangan with Ms Word. So, students will have archives specifically which contains about Exercise and Ulangan given by the Teacher.

Microsoft Office Excel will work as processing files which is shaped tables and figures. The use of Ms Excel very important use in processing the Value of the End of the Student, processing the data students in terurut in the form of a chart, make chart the achievement of students results ulangan/training as well as Exam followed by students in the area.

Microsoft Power Point serve as a media Presentation lesson delivered in Class. The teacher can make the material to kick the learning curve with Ms Power Point with shapes Interactive and Interesting. In Ms Power Point provided the Slides – the Slides which each Slide can be filled with material the study was delivered.

Such was the basic brief about the “ the Importance of his mastery of the TYPEWRITER for a Teacher in the School“ . Device TICK can help improve the Process of Learning to be more Efektip and Efficient.

Fragrant – wangian serve as a fillip of consciousness for the student who passed out. But remember, smell good – wangian good used for students who passed out is not the perfume I used to disemprotkan or dioleskan to the body/clothes than oil-flavored soupy so it can accelerate and stimulate the awareness the students who fell unconscious. As for example, a oil wood white, oil oles aromtherapi, and so forth.

There is some cause and first aid for students who passed out in School. May useful in preventing yourself fall unconscious and can help a friend who fallen unconscious in School.

Open shoes, loosen the uniforms used by your friend who passed out.

3. Give fragrant – wangian

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