heart and desperate. They gave up with this killer disease. Realized indeed heart disease really torment and make the sufferer’s pain. To get rid of any heart disease one must undergo a lot of special care and treatment. Generally we know very well that the heart of a vital organ that has an important role in the health system of the human body. Just one second heart not drain the blood, then the damage will occur in other organs could even occur suddenly from a heart attack.

Heart coroner
Plants and herbs to treat coronary heart disease naturally without surgery and without side effects

Treating Coronary Heart Disease Naturally
Below we will share information that is useful to all of you, namely herbal plant to treat the heart. Because by running traditional medicine does not need a lot of cost and can be done by yourself. It’s just that it would be better if you consult a doctor. If you are already taking medication from a doctor, don’t use herbal remedies. However if you prefer herbal remedies, you can use the helpful tips below.

1. Red fruit
Red fruit is believed to restore heart function can be normal. How treatment with red fruit is very easy, just by boiling red fruit then you can direct mengonsumsinya every single day to get relief.

Here’s how:

1. Provide 1 red fruit or to taste
2. Wash to clean
3. the fruit Rebuslah
4. Consumption per day until completely healed the ailment.

Red fruit is very difficult to find, for it you can buy the red fruit oil for consumption. Because red fruit oil is usually more easily found at nearby pharmacies.

2. Fruit melon
While the second way is to consume fruit melon. Melon fruit is rich in vitamins and nutrients that are good for the human heart. Good for you that has not been affected by heart disease or who are already suffering from heart disease, melon fruit is highly recommended to be consumed in order to make your heart gets the nutrition intake and can perform the pumping blood throughout the body with normal.

3. Garlic
Garlic is commonly made into a condiment for cooking too powerful to overcome heart disease. How to use garlic to treat the heart is making the garlic into the juice and add the original honey as a sweetener. Drink 2 times a day to reduce the pain of the heart.

Making strides:

1. take a few cloves of garlic
2. Peel his skin to clean
3. Puree the onions by using blender or grated
4. Add honey as a sweetener
5. Drink the rambuan twice a day.

My question short, could kill the animal but besides aqiqah goats, like cows, buffalos or camel? We ask that along with the evidence. Jazaakallaahukhair.

aqiqah service in malang
Assalamu ‘ alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

If it is the ‘ goat ‘ is other than a cow, Buffalo or camel, allowing most of the scholars, although there are differences of opinion.

But if it means aqiqah is replaced by alms with money or with feasting on food to the poor, all scholars agree refused if still want called aqiqah. Because the definition is in fact killing the aqiqah animals.

Because basically the aqiqah as defined, that which is meant by aqiqah:

مَا يُذَكَّى عَنِ الْمَوْلُودِ شُكْرًا لِلَّهِ تَعَالَى بِنِيَّةٍ وَشَرَائِطَ مَخْصُوصَةٍ

The animals were slaughtered over a baby that was born as an expression of gratitude to God with intention and specific terms.

Already a provision that aqiqah should only be by way of slaughtering animals only, should not be in the form of others, such as buy raw meat and then cooked and served in banquets, with the intention of aqiqah.

When do I like it, its name is not aqiqah and certainly not valid in law. Even in the reward of charity remains usable, but this way is certainly not a jasa aqiqah murah malang

The Original Example Of A Goat

If we trace the nash original, as exemplified by the Prophet when slaughtering animals aqiqah for both his grandson, indeed that he was slain that goat.

عَقَّ النَّبِيُّ عَنِ الحَسَنِ وَالحُسَيْنِ عَلَيْهِمَا السَّلاَمِ كَبْشاً كَبْشاً

The Prophet menyembelihkan to Hasan and Husayn each goats kibas. (Narrated By Bukhari)

Shall With In Addition To The Goats?

The scholars differed concerning the capacity to replace goats with other animals. It was a given that the sample recovered from the Prophet indeed with slaughter goats.

However, if the example of the Prophet MUHAMMAD were the terms and conditions, or be a minimum limit, in this case the scholars differed. Scholars generally allow the slaughter of goats in addition with aqiqah, provided the type of animals as sacrifices, namely an-na’am, like camel, cow, or ox. There are however some scholars that limits only justified with the slaughter of goats only.

1. Scholars

The opinion that allow beraqiqah with the addition of the goat is the opinion of the majority of scholars like Al-Hanafi sect, As-Syafi’iyah, and Hanbalis. While among the Al-Maalikis, there is a difference between allowing and history that does not allow. But more of this sect rajih, allowing it.

Teach children to dress a polite is a duty as a parent. Nowadays many once clothing-children’s clothing that is open and does not close down her body. Although still children, as parents should’ve taught his son to dress decently and closes the ‘ Awrah. Especially for Muslims, close the Awrah is required foremost before doing other forms of worship. Most people assume if garments that closes the nakedness that’s not fashionable and not suitable for children. But it is the perception of some people who like it’s been missed by many models of muslim dress and blouse a fashionable children.
Examples busana muslim anak aladin

fashion model muslim children latest upcoming 2016

Muslim dress designers continue to develop and innovate on design clothing that fits in the same religion but still stylish and fashionable, even for children. Below are some examples of model children shirt blouse:

the latest child robe
Children Shirt Blouse
• Shirt blouse girls minimalist dark colors
One example is the children shirt blouse model with the model shirt blouse that minimalist, not too many accessories and also the color. Enough with the model of plain, long dress that connect between the shirt and her skirt as well, such as the robe in General. The difference is to use colors that are quite dark, but not black. For example, the color maroon, then combined with a little brown color. Then her head scarf also uses the same color with the minimalist model. Certainly your daughter will look very pretty and graceful.

• Children’s batik shirt blouse
Example for children shirt blouse next shirt blouse with a predominance of batik. The colour Maroon is still the best alternative. The difference is this one model has a design that is quite complex, that combines a shirt blouse that plain and minimalistic with a touch of batik. Batik colors chosen should not too collided with the predominance of the color of the robe itself. For example, the colour brown or white and gray.

• Shirt blouse with bright colours and luxury model
In this model, children shirt blouse has a fairly elaborate model, with the addition of a few accessories inside. The use of colour is also brighter, typically use yellow color mixed with black or dark gray. Shirt blouse this model has some extra accessories. Such as a belt or a three dimensional flower motives, besides her head scarf also has additional accessories. Shirt blouse this one suitable for your child’s cheerful and active. But don’t forget to remind your heart to fruit are graceful, seanggunpakaiannya.
example robe child

It’s still an awful lot of children shirt blouse model, but generally differentiated into three things above. Any model, teach your child to dress in accordance with the laws of the religion is a very good thing. It would be great if you can choose clothes that fit the character of the child. So that your child not only obeying the religion, but also look fashionable and stylish, not least with each other. Hopefully helpful


How to cope with the complications of coronary heart disease-has been explained that the heart is important organ in our body, because of the importance of the organ, we must be able to take care of her properly. Unfortunately due to a bad habit to bequeath hereditary heart disease. Day by day, more and more people suffering from heart pain, even heart disease suffered have experienced complications. From regular heart disease spread to some other parts of the heart causing heart disease complications. The information in this time we will deliver the complications of coronary heart disease are still many suffered by some people in Indonesia.
tips on how to

Tips On How To Cope With The Complications Of Coronary Heart Disease
Heart Attack

What are the complications of coronary heart disease?
Complications of coronary heart disease is a disease that attacks the heart with disorders that lead to coronary artery disease. Complications in coronary artery disease can occur and can cause death. This is due to some heart diseases that continue to spread to some other parts that cause complications occur.

Therefore sufferers of coronary heart disease complications must soon get serious help. They must have an intensive treatment to cure the disease complications due to constriction of blood vessels in some parts of the heart.

Various Complications Of Coronary Artery Disease

1. Heart rate irregular
One type of coronary heart complications are irregular heart rate. Irregular heart rate usually known as arrhythmias. There are 3 types of abnormalities of the pulse or heartbeat, such as brakardia, tachycardia, and vibrilasi. The following is a description of these three types of abnormalities of heart beat.

Brakardia is denyutnya heart rate tachycardia is slower, faster heart rate and the last is vibrilasi. Where the heart is not able to pump blood effectively. People who suffer from this pain could be affected by the symptoms of a stroke and heart failure.

2. Heart attack
This heart attack can be caused by many things, for example due to cholesterol and blood clots causing heart attacks. The lack of intake of blood to the heart make heart muscle is damaged. And it is this that causes damage to a person exposed to a heart attack.

3. Heart failure
This disease occurs due to coronary artery disease who experienced weakness in the ability to pump blood. Heart failure is one of the complications of coronary heart disease types which are quite dangerous. If the heart is lack of oxygen so that will happen is someone will experience a shortage of oxygen intake and blood do not have a sufficient amount of oxygen so the damage to the heart.

4. other artery disease
And the last is a disease complication of coronary artery disease in the arteries. This disease causes some arteries in the body. The presence of plaque in the arteries impede blood that will be heading to the heart or to some other body organs. So the way the blood will be hindered and cause some disorders such as swelling, stroke, organ failure of heart and much more.

Addressing The Complications Of Coronary Artery Disease
Once you’ve read a lot about the complications of coronary artery disease, what is in your mind right now? Will you continue to maintain health or precisely despair with a disease You suffer? For those of you who are having heart disease, you should not despair, there are still many trails that you can use to traverse the healing. Because here, we will provide some information relating to how to cope with the complications of coronary heart disease.

The first way is to do a check-up to a doctor, any complaint that you feel you should tell the doctor so the doctor immediately to do different handling for the salvation of your soul. One of the ways that treatment is highly recommended medical treatment. However you can also clouded the healing by keeping the diet and sleep patterns you well. In addition, you should be able to avoid some foods that can result in Your disease is getting worse.

Leave some bad activities and foods that can aggravate your situation, so konsumsilah food that is recommended by doctors and begin to sleep in accordance with normal limits.

In addition, you may not think a lot of things that can make you stress to depression, because it would be very good if You think positively for Your healing today. This is much better than you pessimistic with a disease You suffer. Believe that every disease is definitely there was no cure and definite Adna was given relief. It’s just that You should be able to fight fear and a sense of pessimism will one thing. Follow the chain of care and treatment that you get relief. U

Magic stick nano nano benefit mci, spray spray, uses magic stick mci, how to use nano spray, how to use magic stick original nano, selling spray mci

NANO-SPRAY-Benefits uses and how to use Magic Stick Nano Spray Original MCI for the skin. Please Use Only Original Magic Stick We Are Selling Cheap.

Magic Stick MCI is a beauty tool that is capable of making your face become younger because the magic stick is a beauty tool containing germanium stones which function reduces blood molecules so that they can improve the blood circulation. The use of a magic stick is very practical that yBenefits of usability and how to use Magic Stick Nano Spray MCI's originalou can use anywhere.


Magic stick nano spray mci

Benefits of Magic Stick MCI IE can make the skin of your face becomes taut, young looking, wrinkles free face, black lines or wrinkles. As we get older our skin face then State would further loosens and began to appear in some parts of the wrinkled skin of our face, of course, but you don’t have to worry for those of you who already have age more because now you can overcome it all by using magic stick MCI, Germanium found in tools magic stick MCI emit infrared energy that is able to penetrate the layers of the skin that is most in. Use the Magic Stick on a regular basis.
Benefits of Magic Stick MCI for the skin such as:

It can burn and reduce fat in the skin
Can Tighten Sagging Skin Section
The skin can be more fresh and looks noticeably smoother
Can help and make the Ageless Skin
Oxidation in the blood is reduced
Remove Wrinkles In The Skin
How to use or use of this magic stick nano spray MCI:

Forehead to wearing Beauty Magic Stick on the forehead using roller batuan germanium embedded into upper atah. Do not use to the right side, left side, or down, because the skin will be slack, and won’t look maximum results
Cheeks: for Beauty Magic Stick on your cheeks use a roller on the rocks of Germaium kea rah beyond top. In order for the skin are interested in kea rah over, do not use the opposite direction (into), down. May also be used outside to the side but the results are insufficient

10 Unique Product packaging design + & Interesting – On this occasion I will provide a picture of a product packaging design is certainly unique and interesting could make reference to the buddy inspiration. On the current packaging design products already increasingly diverse range of forms and the more unique. This is proof that the packaging design very influential towards the sales of a particular product a product. The more attractive the packaging designs so the higher a person’s wishes also to buy the product. For example we take for example only if PAL went to a mall, there is a product of the same shoe but has a different packaging designs. That one wears a nice cardboard and branded while another one just wrapped up with regular plastic, then definitely for sure buddy would choose a shoe product packaging cardboard and wear brand. Although the price is more expensive but the quality of these shoes is also better than the packaging that mediocrity. Why? Because usually the product packaging is nice and branded wear nicer materials compared with ordinary shoe, so it will be more durable and not easily damaged. Unlike the shoes are packaged with random, there would be long-lasting because it is made of quality materials that are less good. This proves also desain kemasan produk makanan that the design has the power to bind the buyer’s heart.

Here I provide a unique product packaging design and interesting I have auto summary from various sources specific to PAL design arena. May be useful as a model for all of them. Okay just go ahead without a base following the drawing again stale:
10 Unique Product packaging design + & Interesting
10 Unique Product packaging design + & Interesting

interesting beverage packaging design

Straw Glasses

.packaging design nike shoes unique (2)

packaging design nike shoes are unique

Packing Winds Of Nike Shoes


12 design unique watches

Watches In Water

.packaging design unique shoes

Penguin-Shaped Shoe Boxes

packaging design unique shoes 2

Wearing Cardboard Hanger Strap Shoes

unique shirt packaging design

Unique Shirt Box Packaging

packaging design unique headset

Headset Shaped Note Beams

design unique nail kemsan

Packaging Of Nails

scanwood unique packaging design

packaging design unique brushes

Paint Brush-Like Mustache Man

packaging design flower pot unique

Paper Flower Pot


How to design a unique-unique, isn’t it? The 20 + packaging design unique and interesting Products, may be useful for all PAL. Don’t forget to keep visiting desainarena.com and follow updates about other design through FACEBOOK and TWITTER Design Arena!

the model of homeBasically everyone wanted the residential home idamannya spacious and luxurious, but is currently searching for a land area as well as an extensive residential land is very difficult especially in urban areas. Thus the availability of land for residential home dream is absolutely little or arguably very narrow. For it if you want to buy or build a new home, you should look for a minimalist type which is not too widespread for example type medium or type 45. Although the type 45 is not too large, you can make a minimalist house with 2-floor or two floors. Indeed it is now better to apply a model of minimalist House 2 storey so that the soil in the country run out quickly and development tidalah can regularly (don’t continue to build).

bangun rumah cepat is Model 2-story minimalist home is also a versatile function to the needs of family members of residents in having the number of spaces or rooms, the solution has a House with a room that much although his home land area is very narrow, can be created or modified to place of business at once.

Model 2-story minimalist house
In creating a model of minimalist House-floor 2, you should pay attention to the following points so that you are not wrong in building a House later. Things to look for in the construction of a House with 2-story model that is in the setup of the room or the room between level 1 and level 2 must be equal in number to make it look not suffocating and narrow, the use of furniture and furniture do not too much better use as necessary according to your needs, the use of paint or color the walls on the 1st floor and 2nd floor had to be the same, the lighting must also be available enough , and the base of the floor could use a motif or color to suit your taste. That’s the thing that is important in establishing if the minimalist house terraced.

But if you are less satisfied with the things already mentioned above, you can create or add shapes and minimalist house model 2-story unique and creative in your home by adding the motif or color according to your tastes and kesenangann respectively. If you use your own creativity in your home, then it could be your home into a lot of inspiration and reference for many people in creating residential home scandals.
Such a description of model 2-story minimalist House already described above, may be useful for all of you who will build a House

It’s good when you want to rub the tooth that is good and right, sikatlah your teeth first before you take a shower, not while you’re showering. This makes you don’t focus and be hasty in brushing my teeth.
The habit of brushing your teeth while bathing
7. the lazy habit of toothbrush
Is there any among you who are lazy to brush your teeth? Hmm never again yes friends, because when you’re lazy toothbrush, sorry for your teeth that will be eaten by the germs, let alone in remaining teeth former food that has not been cleaned. Because when your teeth are sore, instead of your own right who feel it?

8. Habit of using an ordinary toothbrush
You need to know that everyone has to have 1 toothbrush and must not be used simultaneously, this could result in germs that will be contagious. In addition, you must be using a soft textured toothbrush so it does not hurt Your teeth and gums.

9. do not clean the tongue Habits
Indeed clean your tongue could be the umpteenth activities for you after teeth cleaning, but cleaning the tongue is also very important because there are a lot of normal germs that get left on the tongue while we eat.

10. the lazy habit of replacing toothbrushes
It is also a hazard for the health of your teeth, do not let you use a toothbrush salama 6 months more and not replaced. This is not good for your health. Replace Your brush 3 months once as explained above.

That’s some mistakes that are often performed while brushing my teeth. Avoid bad habits listed above are thus can damage the health of your teeth. From now on do good habits to maintain dental health so that you will be spared the pain of a toothache that almost makes You can’t sleep all day.

Even though you may have done the above activities, might as well after this you will change the bad habits for the sake of the health of the teeth. Because whenever we have dental health issues then the process will happen is we will eat while distracted. This will affect the digestive health in the us. For that let us dental health care with care for it as well as brushing my teeth well without injuring the teeth and leave the bad habits that we do.

In creating a minimalist house with display very pretty and beautiful way that required a House looks more elegant and interesting by adding a combination of paint or color on the walls inside and outside the home. If you want to perform a minimalist home more beautiful and wonderful, we recommend you use pemakain paint with a color combination of interior and exterior. But you should pay attention to the use of paint or color on the wall i.e. should not use paint or too flashy colors, we recommend that you select and use paint or a memorable calm colors and natural colors such as light green, light blue, beige, light brown, and gray. The use of color is highly recommended on jasa renovasi interior rumah.

The use of paint or color by model home interior paint in minimalist should pay attention to in one room with another room like all rooms using color or paint the same whereas the other may use paint or color combination. The use of paint or color on the minimalist House will make the House look more interesting and more people who see it. So avoid using a dark color or paint a dark color because it will make the House impressed cramped and uncomfortable for residents of the home. Does look incredibly easy in the use of paint or color on the minimalist House, but if the wrong selection will cause the home becomes bleak and ugly.
Model Paint A Beautiful Minimalist Home And Pretty
minimalist House Paint models
If you love the combination of colors or paint on the walls inside and outside the home, you can use a mix of colors between dark and contrast. Although the result looks a bit flashy, yet still unsightly and uncomfortable for the home. It would be much nicer again by adding the motives that are applied through the paint the wall or can also use wall stickers which are now popular among the public. Hasilnaya else equally interesting to be seen by us. But it all depends on your taste buds each. You may choose between using the color or paint the calm and natural, or use a mix of colors and contrasts between dark, and can also add motif through paint or wall stickers. Now you can use paint or color to paint the House, minimalist model although the House is simple and very simple.

Batik cloth that has been transformed into a fashionable dress and high art has been worth much once we find will be a model and a different style. Batik is also has been widely used as an Alma Mater of the existing schools in Indonesia. Even many we encounter instancesagencies and big companies in Indonesia also took over to make baju batik Indonesia as one of the uniform of her Office. And even for the moment many have been menghasrukan the public to start wearing clothes typical of this beloved homeland.

Collection Of Batik Moslem Idul Fitri Holiday Teenager

Currently in the middle of bustling will design a variety of model modern muslim dress nowadays has been a lot of talk about an example model for Moslem Idul fitri holiday. Now the muslim Idul fitri holiday shirts getting hauled off. Many intelligent designers who took a chance on this moment. Which designed the various models of the Moslem Idul fitri holiday which is very very beautiful and interesting. Both the Moslem Idul fitri holiday for both men and women, for adults, teens and kids have complete can be chosen by baju muslim wanita terbaru.
In the era of globalization this batik cloth is also undergoing development. That is where the if on previous batik cloth is only designed to be used as a sarong and a long cloth style which is usually often used by a granny. Just made a shawl or wrap worn as clothing. With the development of the era that increasingly penetrated rapidly makes typical batik Indonesia was designed and modified into a model of a very modern batik are also specially designed can be used by a teenage Muslim day Kingdom.
It is also the one who made the designers of Moslem mengkreasikan model baju disulapnya batik be muslim attire made batik cloth. With the fashion trend of the current fashions have also been about to a wide range of various models of shirts. Have we encounter many muslim dress batik designed a model of a long muslim dress shirt, batik shirt very long pas to be worn at the time of work, until the model couple batik and batik for couples families have many fish sold in shopping malls.