Choco Crust Recipe Homemade Chocolate – Chocolate is the mention of food or drink the processed results of cocoa nibs, chocolate that is identical to the expression of feelings, compassion, love and romance is often made as gifts or gifts with all kinds of shapes and unique taste. A taste of cocoa beans is actually extremely bitter. To get the original flavor of the chocolate itself requires a fairly long process. Process starting from picking fruit chocolate later in fermentasikan for five days and during this process must join with the extra scrutiny so that the results are good.

Brown beans that have been fermented in the drying process and then in the sort and in select where the seeds are good and which are bad. Because in any one rod Brown (100gram) that has been processed need 80-90 a nice Brown seeds in order to produce good quality chocolate anyway. Not only is it chocolate Beans dried still must go through the process of roasting. It turns out that this is useful to remove the distinctive aroma of chocolate that we often enjoy during this time.

Completion of this process there are still some more that process does require quite a long time. Including separation kernels Brown of her skin, the process of destruction, milling to produce a thick brown liquid in the form of pasta. Then from the next pasta add milk and sugar to taste slightly sweet on chocolate. From the above process further in the process of churning taking place over three days in this pasta chocolate stir endlessly, it aims to reduce the acidity of chocolate.

Next up is the last process that is separating the milk processing based on chocolate mengasilkan cocoa powder and cocoa butter (white chocolate) and in the process this is the cocoa butter in the chocolate bar into a sport. This stem is brown then in sports as the manufacture of a range of types of cakes, snacks and beverages. As we’ll share is one type of snacks or snack with a unique sensation of mild dimulut chocolate delights. Choco Chocolate Crust Recipes i.e. Homemade that use chocolate toping with the primary that can be selected according to taste.

Like choco crunch, marsmallow, oreo, chacha or choco crunch original version containing a mix of crispy rice with lumeran chocolate. Choco Chocolate Crust recipes homemade is inspired from the owner of the brand at the same time that has popularized the choco crust i.e. Denu Brown. He was the one who had given the opportunity to join thousands of people to market their products and also enjoy the sweetness of the chocolate business results are processed in the beri label choco crust.

Because of our fascination with Choco Crust Recipe of chocolate, we will also be a variety of ingredients and how to make a homemade Chocolate Crust Choco for you. May the presence of Choco Chocolate Crust Recipes KW Homemade here can satisfy you the chocoholic.
Choco Chocolate Crust Recipes Homemade
Choco Chocolate Crust Recipes

Choco Chocolate Crust Recipes Homemade
The Main Ingredient Of Choco Crust:

Dark chocolate
Rice crispy

Toping Choco Crust Ingredients:

Can add other toping according to taste

Packaging or Containers that are used:

Jar or glass Jar
Make sure the jar is already in a State of sterile and clean

How to make a Choco crust Taste Original:

The first step to cut the chocolate will be melted down.
Next melt the chocolate depends on the way in the team (the trick with cooking chocolate above the pan containing boiling water).
After that prepare a jar or other container, then fill 3/4 section of the jar with crispy rice.
Then chocolate that has been input in melt until the jar is full.
The final step after the cold start to harden and Brown soon Closed meetings of the Jar.
Choco Brown Crust classic homely tasty and delicious ready to be enjoyed.

How to make a Choco Crust flavor is almost the same with making sense of the original the difference is if in the original sense there are only 2 layers i.e. rice crispy and Brown, then on choco crust flavor there is 3 layers. Dasari in 1/3 part of the jar with ingredients toping like oreo, chococruch, marsmallow, chacha, and others. 1/3 part with crispy rice and 1/3 part of the rest with the melted chocolate. Repeat with each toping served and here’s how:

The first step, soak the JAR in an inverted (under lid) using hot water, make sure the jar in a State of true true meeting.
Next unggu until chocolate melts.
After that mix until evenly using a spoon, choco crust flavor can also directly d enjoy.

Efficacy Glucola MCI
Now present, Glucola from pig. glucola very many benefits to our body. A lot of people who don’t like the taste of milk because eneg. well, it had glucola dairy delicacy. not as eneg dairy in General. the price of glucola relatively cheaper but still keep the quality in other competing product appeal. many are already feeling the benefits of glucola pig, previously hesitant eventually bought, and which does really good for the body.

Package Glucola MCI and Nano Spray

Efficacy glucola mci

-. What is Glucola PIG?
The latest product is the PIG Glucola of PIG that has a content of Gluthation Precussor + Alpha Lipoic Acid + Collagen (ALA)

-. khasiait glucola mci what?
Gluthation and ALA is known as the master antioxidant that regulates and has effect against the other to have antioxidant functions as it should. Without the role of Glutathione, lymphocytes will not produce antibodies to fight off bacterial infections and malignant viruses that harm the body.
While the Collagen has the most largest function was as a supporter of the skin. According to dr. Eric from the University of Pennsylvania, 80% of the weight of our skin is composed of collagen. Useful to make the skin more elastic.

-. Gluthation Precussor it what?
Basically our bodies naturally has and produce Gluthation. However, during the past 20 years of age the production of glutathione reduced according to the expansion of our age. For that reason we need the Gluthation Precussor as Gluthation in producing raw materials.

Agent Glucola MCI

efficacy glucola mci

CS Glucola 082232834055 W 278D4827

-. Anyone who could drink the Glucola?
Every person who craved a more healthy body and skin whiter and brighter. (12th +)

-. Is it safe Glucola for pregnant and nursing mothers?
Basically Glucola Produk is vitamin for the body and is safe for consumption. But for expectant mothers in the recommend to ask for approval from your doctor first.

Be for sufferers of heart or diabetes?
Boleh donk …

-. Already there is a permit from the Department of health?
Yes there is already permission from the health office 21,360,303,309

-. Halal Glucola gak?
Yes …. For its Lawful we have got the certification by MUI

-. How many sachets/day?
1sachet wrote every day before going to bed.

GLUCOLA Useful much better than the level of the supplement for:


1. Make the skin supple, toned, Leibh & elastic
2. Reduce Pocked on damaged skin
3. Flatten the skin color which was originally Striped become white
4. Remove the black acne scars or Flek2 due to Sunlight, use KB, & age factor
5. restore the skin after Skin exposed to Detoxify & cream containing Bermerkuri
6. The skin will feel Fresh, shining, Bright & Looks Ageless
7. To whiten the skin evenly (permanent)
8. Reduce the redness of the skin caused by inflammation or yangg skin sensitive
9. Lower the Dark Melanin Pigmen2
10. Reduce Small garis2 & Wrinkles
11. Whiten The Black Parts On the elbows, armpits, knees, Crotch &
12. Prevent Acne Acne healing process speeds up &

1. Remove Nyeri2 on bone
2. Reducing the Loss on the hair
3. Curing migraine, pusing2 to Vertiligo
4. Strengthen Bones
5. Dispose of the toxic Zat2 on the body
6. Prevent a variety of diseases caused by free radicals
7. Increase Stamina
8. Prevent Cancer
9. Help Cure Diabetes, cholesterol, asthma, Sinusitis, TUBERCULOSIS &

How To Make Peanut Chocolate Cake

supporters in basket cake

Supporters In Basket Cake Recipe

Ingredients Cake supporters in the basket:

400 grams flour
75 grams cornstarch
Margarine 300 g
Roombutter 100 g
100 grams powdered sugar
Milk powder 50 grams
Egg yolks 2 rounds (beaten off)
1 egg white grains (beaten off)
1 packet of vanilla
Besides pineapple (to taste)

How To Make A Cookie Basket Supporters:

Initial steps combine the margarine, eggs, sugar, flour, roombutter and then beat until batter is well blended.
After that add the cornstarch, milk powder and vanilla. Stir again until the dough is well blended.
Next add the flour little by little until the dough can be shaped and kalis. (not at knead because it can cause the hard texture).
Then insert the dough into the mold basket until full, then brush the surface topped with pineapple jam. After that create his cradle straps.
Bake on medium heat until cooked and yellowish. foster then chill.
If it is cold remove the cake from the mould and keep supporters in cake basket in airtight jar.
Pastry Basket Supporters ready for Lebaran served.

Second, Crispy Kastengel Cake Recipe

Cake Kastengel is indeed always could make suasanan lebaran became even more special. the taste of the cake a crunchy and savory kastengel will surely enliven our increasingly became a special lebaran. Here is the recipe and how to make a cake Kastengel easily.
Cake Kastengel

The Cake Delicious Crispy Kastengel

Kastengel Cake ingredients:

150 grams of flour
25 g cornstarch
Butter 125 g + 1 teaspoon salt (mix)
Egg yolks 2 pieces
Cheddar cheese 125 g
Baking powder 1/4 teaspoon

Material Brand Of Cake Kastengel:

1 egg yolk granules
50 g grated cheese

Chocolate cake ingredients: Peanuts

20 g cornstarch
Sugar 150 grams of flour
180 grams margarine
Peanut butter 80 g
50 grams of cashews (roasted and then a rough cut)
1 egg yolk granules
Chocolate paste 1/2 teaspoon
Cocoa powder 30 gram
Baking powder 1/2 teaspoon
Salt to taste

How To Make Peanut Chocolate Cake:

Initial steps combine the flour, cornstarch, cocoa powder and baking powder. mix well, sift, then set aside.
Next beat in margarine together until flour sugar averages and add peanut butter and salt. beat again until blended. then enter the egg yolks and add the chocolate paste, whisk flat again.
After that combine the ingredients of flour and add the cashew nuts, mix well. Minced dried bean chocolate cake batter with a thick 1/2 centi meters.
Then print the dry cookie dough with a cookie cutter, put the cake baking pan that has been lightly grease with margarine.
Then bake in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes with 150 Celsius temperature until pastry Brown cooked. lift and store in jar.
Chocolate nut pastries ready to be served for your beloved family.

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3 the more Dried cake recipe special Delicious Underwear worth you trying to enliven your Lebaran, Idul Fitri. the family home is sure to like the dried cake recipe to 3 widths that you create. because it is delicious, savory, crunchy and delicious, anyway not less it feels with assorted pastries assorted widths sold in the bakery. Thank you’ve opened, hopefully the recipes we share can be beneficial to you.

To meet in the next recipe articles, umpteen:)

3 Recipe Special Delicious Pastries Widths – Hello kitchen chef, met again with our blog well. It’s like nih, soalnya Klezmer from yesterday I ngga can update the recipe because its error continues. Finally although the connection is somewhat stable but guns can still update the latest recipes in our beloved blog. How did bun, there’s been any preparation for lebaran, idul fitri later?

Nobody feels Yes bun, less a few months again we’ve stepped on to the last fasting month Idul fitri holiday holiday idulfitri. typical widths of course mutually apologise and then pay a visit to the home of a neighbor’s House, relatives and brothers. in a special day like this of course there will be less without any special feature at the front desk. In addition to the delicious cuisine dishes like ketupat, opor ayam, vegetable snacks, drinks and syrups, pastries widths of course being the typical food at the moment the lebaran arrived.

Assorted pastries often become the idol of the moment lebaran arrived. because it tastes good, tasty, crispy and sweet that makes many people like it. a variety of shapes and sizes of pastries lebaran also became one of his own attraction for lovers of the pastries. If you have prepared a variety of pastries widths it feels like to immediately spend ya 😀 hihihi.

Especially for the mother who has lots of friends, relatives or relatives, your home will definitely crowded once visited relatives. Wah, rich guns afdol Yes if the House mother deserted with assorted pastries. well for the mother who wants to make a variety of delicious pastries widths, but cannot know the ingredients and how to make it. Our Lady precisely open the Pastry Recipe 3 Widths we share at this time.

As we will discuss three Recipes Pastry lebaran blessed mother should try pratekkan at home. This recipe of course contains materials pastries widths are used and how to make pastry widths that are easily made at home. 3 dry the Idul fitri holiday cake recipes among other supporters in Cake basket, Cake and Kastengel Cake chocolate Nuts are crunchy and savory. Then what the hell is the recipe and how to make various pastries this lebaran? yuck immediately listened to 3 Dry cake recipe that’s worth a try Widths below:)
3 Recipe Special Delicious Pastries Lebaran
cake lebaran

Pastry Recipe Special Delicious Lebaran
First, A Delicious Basket Of Supporters In Cake Recipes

Supporters in the basket of pastries taste like Cake supporters in General, it’s just cake basket has supporters in a form that is more interesting than the cake supporters in General. supporters in this basket cake of course will be dusukai by your family. OK deh, following recipes and how to make a Cookie Basket Supporters.


See buyer property with insting
Nicely so you attain massive with this business subsequently obtain the property at this time there, it states that in this way: sales seniali BJOP, as well as may also be marketed soon-it’s fast, it can also property outdated as well as property to be able to auction. Property-the property sort of the particular involving mematok value under the purchase price market place. Organization property promote to acquire home together with circumstances like the preceding one other in comparison with it will benefit often You would be much easier in talking together with the master of your house. The health of a property that is not like the original and/or requirements involving the master of the exact property money product sales must be great at You use to be able to make a deal, together with nevertheless benefit just about all events.

See buyer property with insting

After you get yourself a property for them, subsequently the next step is You see any purchaser. Numerous techniques accomplish to market a property of which, because the press print in addition to promoting at no cost on the net. For those who have the particular money excessive in addition to want to improve the expense of the exact property, the particular allow it to become suitable properties these kinds of till in close proximity to the condition of an original. There are also various other alternative besides to offer the exact property is to allow it to become while bullsh-kosan as well as dikontrakkan. Nevertheless, certainly You have to find the position from the property that ma Perumahan di ponorogo terbaik dan terbaru be ideal, so you have to released your time and effort more to keep the exact property these kinds of being broken in the course of utilized by people who employed.

Are you aware that limitations from the business this manner is based on the particular pemsaran in addition to pengurusan paperwork essential. Nevertheless You don’t have to worry, simply because just about all will really feel simple if you it significantly. Jalinlah romantic relationships together with a variety of events, the sole events capable in neuro-scientific pengurusan record. And of course to be able to advertising and marketing in a very electronic planet today it truly is You do have a wide range of alternatives, for example, as i have said preceding.

That is anything You need to be familiar with business property real estate promote buy home. With any luck , which can be anything People in the live business demonstrate in addition to promote this home. Nevertheless, the best You’ll need could be the will in addition to hard work.

4. Say Something Back
That means try to explain back the material that you’ve already memorized to other people, if no one else tried to explain it to yourself. To make the explanation using the language of your own means you deliver material that you’ve memorized sesusai with the understanding you have of the result of memorizing.

Age gets forward to push to change various fields in the direction of modernisasi, do not miss also in the field of Education. Technology Information and Communication or used for short TICK is a science new to taken everyone, including the Teacher. The teacher role as tutor and pedagogue the students in the School should be able to use the device TICK in the process of learning.

The importance of his mastery of the TYPEWRITER for a Teacher

The importance of his mastery of the TYPEWRITER

The use of the TYPEWRITER for the teacher is very important ln order to maximize the Process of Learning and Pembalajaran, pengadministrasian school, penunjang means of learning, and other stuff.

Teachers at least can operate a computer and some application of Office like Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office Power Point.

Microsoft Office Word is an application processing dokument – dokument-based text. Teachers can use Ms Word for the creation of letters School, the Plan Commencement the Study ( RPP ) and Silabus. Besides, too, the teacher can make about – about the practice, and ulangan with Ms Word. So, students will have archives specifically which contains about Exercise and Ulangan given by the Teacher.

Microsoft Office Excel will work as processing files which is shaped tables and figures. The use of Ms Excel very important use in processing the Value of the End of the Student, processing the data students in terurut in the form of a chart, make chart the achievement of students results ulangan/training as well as Exam followed by students in the area.

Microsoft Power Point serve as a media Presentation lesson delivered in Class. The teacher can make the material to kick the learning curve with Ms Power Point with shapes Interactive and Interesting. In Ms Power Point provided the Slides – the Slides which each Slide can be filled with material the study was delivered.

Such was the basic brief about the “ the Importance of his mastery of the TYPEWRITER for a Teacher in the School“ . Device TICK can help improve the Process of Learning to be more Efektip and Efficient.

Fragrant – wangian serve as a fillip of consciousness for the student who passed out. But remember, smell good – wangian good used for students who passed out is not the perfume I used to disemprotkan or dioleskan to the body/clothes than oil-flavored soupy so it can accelerate and stimulate the awareness the students who fell unconscious. As for example, a oil wood white, oil oles aromtherapi, and so forth.

There is some cause and first aid for students who passed out in School. May useful in preventing yourself fall unconscious and can help a friend who fallen unconscious in School.

Open shoes, loosen the uniforms used by your friend who passed out.

3. Give fragrant – wangian

Lack of hemoglobin in the body cannot be viewed lightly as they cause anemia or Thalassemia minor omens. A lack of red blood cells directly make your body a laggard. If so, your activity can be disrupted.

Some people choose to use supplements to address blood Enhancer hemoglobin is lacking. On the other hand, people try to overcome this problem by eating red meats that are considered a surefire to increase hemoglobin in the body. Then how about you are vegetarian, but still want to choose natural foods increase haemoglobin?

Some people choose to use supplements penambah darah and hemoglobin

For the vegetarian, just quiet. You can keep adding blood with food-natural foods. These are the kinds of foods that can increase Your hemoglobin in the not too long.

Bulbs are often used as a natural red dye it to increase Your hemoglobin. It’s like that tend to make bland foods that one is rarely of interest. But if it was made with a mixture of Apple juice, you will surely surprise the addiction with tubers of this one.

The sweet taste makes the most difficult people refuse this type of food on this one. It turns out that in addition to the indulgent tastes of raisins, tongue was able to increase Your hemoglobin as it contains iron.

Mustard greens
Types of vegetables is common in Asian foods. The taste of rasa dari buah penambah darah rendah memanglah sangat bergizi is aligned if mixed into various types of meals, ranging from noodles, meatballs, capcay to make you eat it not difficult. In the mustard contained chlorophyll and various vitamins that are capable of accelerating regeneras red blood cells in the body. No wonder many people eating mustard greens to resolve anemianya.

A very popular vegetable and became iconic through the cartoon character Popeye it contains iron. A substance that is what makes the spinach is capable of forming the production of red blood cells in the body. The mind feels fresh when processed in the form of clear vegetable also makes Indonesia society in General towards this type of food is crazy about this one.

The House of ordinary vegetarians looking for vegetable protein sources to fulfill his nutritional. Know and tempet is a variant of vegetable protein-producing foods are generally loved vegetarians due to the ease of processing and it tastes delicious. This type of dining is also telling to add blood because it is derived from soy beans that is considered able to meet the 6 percent of daily iron needs someone in each 100 gram serving. (*)

Fertility fast food women to get pregnant should already have to be consumed before getting married to increase fertility. Moreover, if you are married and want a quick is pregnant. Fertility foods pregnant women so that more of the present again.

A Pregnant Woman So Fertility Foods

Fertility fast food women to get pregnant should already have to be consumed
A woman’s fertility is closely related to the quality of health of gametes, ovarian, fallopian (fallopian tubes), uterus, menstrual and reproductive hormone balance. One of the important factors to support the health of the reproductive organs are nutrition-certain nutrients in foods.

Type Of Food: That Pregnant Women’s Fertility

In addition to the quality of the fertility of the man (husband), get pregnant and have a child also largely determined by the quality of a woman’s fertility. One of the efforts that must be made is by regularly eating foods pregnant woman so fertility. The following types of nutrients in food that can increase and improve the fertility of women to get pregnant fast, among others:

1. Iron

Rajin-rajinlah eat beef, green vegetables, beans, soybeans, tofu, tempeh, liver, spinach, cassava leaves, leaves of sauropus androgynus, kelor leaves, and foods containing iron. Iron is necessary for the quality of the blood into a means of transport for the distribution of water, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. So that greatly affect the metabolism of the body and a person’s fertility

2. Vitamin E

Perbanyaklah consumption of food in the form of beans, soybeans, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, kiwi, mango and wheat. The types of food that is a source of vitamin E most. In addition to the beauty of the skin, vitamin E is good for improving the fertility of women, improve the quality of the egg and prevent infertility

3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency causes became the emergence of PCOS. PCOS is a term health disorders in women be avarium syndrome Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or polisistik (PCOS). Vitamin D can be obtained from fish, cheese, beef, liver and egg yolk

4. Vitamin B 6

The next type of nutrition is vitamin B6. The consumption of vitamin B6 for 6 months may increase the hormone progesterone. A type of hormone that is in charge of releasing the egg during ovulation women. Vitamin B6 found in food in the form of green vegetables, fish-ikanan, chicken meat, potatoes, beef, avocado and certain types of fruit

Prevent Other Diseases That Plague Women’s Fertility

In addition to food to increase the fertility of women, avoid also the causes of the emergence of a variety of ailments that can interfere with the quality of fertility and damage to reproductive organs. Some of these are:

Cervical cancer
Abnormal vaginal discharge
Urinary tract infections
Inflammation of the pelvis (PID)

Maintaining health became one of the efforts that must be made so that women can get pregnant. Fix patterns of living with a healthy lifestyle to avoid various diseases that can damage the reproductive organs. From now on, grab your regular consumption of this type of food to be pregnant woman fertility

The apple company Come Mobile or portable Together with Secret For you to Skin tone Vibrant Certainly not Obtains Previous
apple company company base cell phone

Benefits biogreen apple stem cells for beauty skin and anti aging

The Bio green apple company Stemcell Spend less The Trillion Advantages On your Wellbeing Physique
The Bio green apple company base cell phone in addition to the magic formula to help skin vibrant never ever becomes older. Undoubtedly you are already aware dong what the products Bio green apple company company base cell phone? Yes, Bio green apple company company base cell phone plus is really a splendor item great include confirmed keabsahannya. ‘ve got recently been a lot of testimony from buyers whom already experience the benefits of stemcell Bio green apple company company europe. Use up Bio green apple company company base cell phone may not cause is dependent. Since Bio green apple company company base cell phone plus is manufactured out of substances pure premium quality. Consequently, safe and sound to be ingested without making negative effects harm. The kandungan dari  Bio green apple company Come Mobile or portable Collagen Can be a Answer Of all Problem Skin tone. Certainly not work with items chlorine bleach the skin that contain collagen?? What final results do you acquire?? Sure, pertaining to items chlorine bleach the skin this blog is very distinctive from the products of chlorine bleach used. Since items splendor Bio green apple company company base cell phone collagen carries a saturation stemcell Bio green apple company company europe. The actual womb stemcell works pertaining to slowing down the aging process beginning. To ensure the skin may look like young along with health might not always be sacrificed. The Bio green apple company base cell phone that contain:
Stemcell Bio green apple company company swiss+glutathione+collagen+argan+vit G? The way the terrible how to do the job Bio green apple company company base cell phone plus systems? Yes, items The Bio green apple company base cell phone systems can:
Reactivate the particular cell-cell sleep.
Correct tissue which might be harmed.
Regenerate skin tissue
Elegance item Bio green apple company company base cell phone go with always be ingested through all people. Not just that, having Bio green apple company company base cell phone plus furthermore there isn’t a era control. Meaning, kid, adult, even this even more furthermore permitted to eat. Consequently, pertaining to here and there you can do treatments without sensation virtually any pain. You should not demand centre splendor. For the reason that treatment by yourself in the home is usually you can do. As you know, difficulties inside skin tend to be virtually experienced through all people. It truly is due to various factors. Like, the result on the radicals, having less preserving individual health. After that having less drinking water, along with products for your treatment the skin. Nicely, along eat items Bio green apple company company base cell phone. You won’t encounter the particular identify zits, skin unexciting, skin chapped, komedo, and so forth. In fact you may have skin that will whitened, delicate, clean, small along with great. Actual intercourse tersebutlah inside idam-‘re desire through each lady. Hold the lovely never ever becomes older is really a have to to help constantly appear ideal. Not really?? You should know furthermore that will Bio green apple company company base cell phone may also greatly increase immunity one’s body. Yes, virtually any antioksidan higher in the womb glutathione. competent to retain the healthiness of your body on the breakdown of germs that produces the illness came. To ensure the physique may experience new along with fit everyday.

Prevent breast cancer
University the same also having a learning curve to find out the uses of the composition of the nutrition in the juice of pomegranates, among others luteolin, acid ellagic, and acid punicic are simultaneously able to prevent breast cancer.

Benefits consume fruit for our healthy
They wrote the results of the in the Journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment which in a nutshell says that the extract of the fruit pomegranates contribute actively in preventing the growth cancer cells of the breast. The women were recommended for routine consumption fruit pomegranates if you want to spared from the terrible disease in the area.

9. Prevent cancer skin
Because rich in antioksidan good for the skin, disease a kind of cancer of the skin can minus the risk. Obviously, bilamana pomegranates routine mengasup body then going on a decline in jedua kind of cancer of the skin, namely cell karsinoma basalt and cell skuamos. (British Journal of Dermatology, quoted from Care2)

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10. Give protection to DNA
Indirectly, antioksidan and fitronutrien important other in fruit pomegranates work to protect the (DNA) that were shown from some interaction with the genetic material of the body.

11. Control blood pressure
In Plant Foods for Human Nutrition Journal says it is clear that the extract of the fruit pomegranates have the ability in preventing increase in blood pressure that are triggered by consumption of food high fat.

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12. Give effects reduction weight
Benefits pomegranates against a decrease in body weight this didn’t happen directly, but rather began with the arrival of the effects of the uses of pomegranates in control blood sugar, improve sensitifitas body against sisten insulin, diffuse peradangan, and increases the various factor others involved in the syndrome metabolik trigger obesitas and diabetes

13. Mengoptimalkan reaction to the consumption of drugs oral
Research shows that cider fruit pomegranates able to increase efektifitas a drug used to fight bacteria gram can meresistan medicine.

14. Keep the enzyme PSA remains stable
Quoted from Tanyadok, PSA is an enzyme which role is to mengencerkan fluid ejaculation to ease the movement of sperm, the enzyme is released by the gland his prostate.

In a study that involved 50 people suffering cancer his prostate, some of them are always regular consumption of 8 ounces of the juice of pomegranates per day. As a result, people’s consumption of pomegranates every day to help enzymes PSA in the amount of steady, so reducing your need for the patient to do chemo or therapy hormones (treatment continued).

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15. Prevent and treat osteoarthritis
Fruit legend has that in a lot of hikayat this offers the effect of treatment on the suffering osteoarthritis. His works give the effect that is polifenol and a few fitonutrien else, everything also give the effect of prevention on this disease.

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16. Reduces the risk of blockage. the blood vessels
Ruby red work lower the risk of firing a blockage. blood in the veins makes the blood circulation to the heart and brain are disturbed or even paralyzed. The ability is also known with the effect of anti-aterogenik to the heart.

Read: one of danger of smoking is a blockage. the blood vessels to the brain and legs

17. Wasting cholesterol bad
Benefits pomegranates for the heart of the other is to lower the LDL (cholesterol bad) that invite a lot of disturbance of health, while other things that are also done by nutrients in pomegranates is to increase the amount of cholesterol all the usual known HDL.

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18. Doesn’t affect blood sugar
Researchers don’t forbid diabetics to consumption juice of fruit pomegranates have the taste of sweet because fruktosa. Long before they already hold a research to prove the negative impact of pomegranates on diabetics. The result comes surprisingly enough, it’s not going to change (increase) blood sugar significant in patients diabetes the every day routine to drink the juice of pomegranates for two solid weeks.