Minimalist House became a favorite home concept in the present. That is because the needs of the modern residence and meet all the needs of its occupants. Everyone including You race to get a minimalist residences, and comfortable for the entire family. In make it happen, the color of the minimalist house any noteworthy not only on the exterior or outside but also on the inside of the home or its interior.

Minimalist House concept to the main room of your home
5 Inspiring Minimalist Home Interior Colors
Most people will choose the color of the elegant, minimalist home interior and showed a cool part of his home. Minimalist House will tend to be sleek and expansive because not many uses like furniture or furnishings on the concept and style of other houses. It exudes the modern side of the House also make elegant character, neat and beautiful in every side. There are two concepts that can be used as inspiration for those of you who are looking for what colors suitable for Your minimalist home applied.
Feminine Colors Full Of Character

On jasa desain bangun rumah minimalis the minimalist House could use such a feminine color colours pink, yellow, light blue, violet and others. The colours are not always portray femininity and side showing the character of sweet. Feminine colors will give the impression of a cheerful and vigorous in the room. You can choose Pink for the family room with a variety of other pretty hues.

In addition to using colors to paint and wallpaper, ceramic colors minimalist house any noteworthy. Most minimalist House will use the natural colours and natural wood colors like neutral, white color, the color is beige, and grey ash young. But many home owners prefer to use parquet, due to the natural feel of dipancarkannya.

Pastel Colors

Color color is often used to calm a minimalist home. A nice minimalist house color consists of 2 pastel colors like white color combined with the color green oliv, or color beige with grey colour, and so on. The chorus gives the impression of elegance and quiet so minimalist House will look lovely and beautiful.
Color combination of stylish Minimalist Home and pretty

If you like the variety of colors at once so it doesn’t hurt to do a remix or a combination that can be applied across the room in your home. Minimalist house color combination is typically based on the paint already applied ruamh. Next color other colors either gradations or contradiction will follow in terms of the color of the sofa, furnishing, decoration and others.
Color Combination Of Minimalist House-Asmell

Color Combination Of Minimalist House – Asmell

For more details in a minimalist home color selection, you can consult an interior designer will recommend more inspiration and a good idea for your home.

A very tight competition in the digital world is currently between large companies such as Google, Facebook and #Twitter make the perpetrators have to be extra quick moves to get to make the advantages of another. This is also one of the reasons why Facebook Acquires Instagram.

Actually before officially bought Facebook, Instagram that reportedly bought Google. Given the social #media ciptaanya i.e. Google Plus who have yet to visit a success. But with a quick motion always taken Mark Zuckerberg in every Stride, eventually owned and successfully become Instagram family of Facebook Inc.
The competition with Google and Twitter
In addition #Google social media, 140 characters i.e. Twitter is also the heaviest competitor Facebook. Moreover, with the number of cases where users share photos which always Instagram them to Twitter, if it continues to be left then it could be dangerous. Then from that decision then Facebook Acquires Instagram out to be superior in competition with competitors.

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4. The wealth of Data

Lastly, the reason Facebook Acquires Instagram is a wealth of data owned Instagram. With users who have reached the 50 million users will certainly be a lot of data that can be used by Facebook. Up to this point alone has more than 100 million data photo geotagging data containing millions of records
Search Engine Features A Unique Concept Of Facebook

Add a link

Digital competition between two corporate giants Facebook and Google would seem to increasingly fierce. The reason, Facebook and Google itself continues to attempt in various ways to the pursuit of ketertinggalannya decisions and that is still a drawback. After yesterday’s Google Plus the release of various features to increase the number of its users, Facebook now turn the Middle discussing search engines or internal engine #search which can only be accessed by the owner of the Facebook account that is named Add a Link.

Sure step taken this may not necessarily be #Facebook without a cause, in the business world, the effort is definitely a strategy to compete with competitors in order to be able to dominate an existing market share. And then as to whether the features are still only accessible by penggunaya in America? Following his review.

This certainly is a serious thing and not mess done for Facebook can keep users from Google. Even in the pages of TIME, it is said that “Facebook have a new way to keep You from Google.

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Not A Pure Search Feature

Add a search-engine Link that is being tested is known as it turns out is a feature of the application. This means that the search engine is not purely a search feature but is more of a feature to add links kestatus. A number of users themselves have proven techniques of application features Add a Link with how to copy and paste the link to status or input the key word.


Aqiqah is doomed to be undertaken as an expression of gratitude for the birth of a baby. Scholars state that the law is sunnah muakkadah aqiqah is good for a baby boy or girl. Even the father of the child is the person that hardship. Because he exercised by the companions.

Legal Basis Of Child Aqiqah
Implementation Time Aqiqah Child

Implementation can be carried out on children aqiqah today to seven (which is better according to the scholars). The province of fifteen, twenty one or on other days. The Prophet said, “each of which was born with tergadai aqiqahnya who was killed on the seventh day of his birth and shaved his hair as well as given names (narrated by Ahmad, Sunan & Reported).

Slaughtering Procedures

Which is better kambing aqiqah murah slaughter two goats adjacent age for men and se goats for baby [female. From Ummi Kurz Al Ka’biyyah said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah said To the boy two goats and one for girls, goats. (Narrated by Ahmad, 6/422 & at Tirmidhi 1516).

The Division Of The Meat Of Aqiqah

Meat slaughter our children should the aqiqah distributed to anyone and there is no Division in proportion to carry it out. As qurban. Even in aqiqah is allowed to eat the whole thing. But as the sunnah of the Prophet, let the meat distributed to the neighbors whether poor or rich, as an expression of gratitude the people who carry it out and hopefully those who receive it will be moved to praying for the children’s goodness (At Thiflu wa Ahkamuhu/ahmad bin ahmad Al Isawy terms of 197)
Benefits Of Aqiqah
-As an expression of gratitude for the birth of a child by implementing one of the rituals of the religion
-Aqiqah is a wasilah for closer to God especially for the newborn child is born into the world
-Protect from interference as well as Devils temptation
Create child prayer
U’iidszuka kalimaatillahit bi taammati Min Kulli Syaithoonin Wa min Kulli Hammah, Wa ‘ Lammah ainin
“I perlindungkan Engkai (o) with the phrase God’s perfect from every temptation syatan and Poisons and any hateful views”
Regardless of the number of users related controversy is not how social networking, Facebook has finally decided to open new offices in the African continent. Even though it has been a success in Asia, Europe, America and Australia with achievement of 1.4 billion users, it still cannot make Facebook complacency. The proof is now the black continent of Africa has been identified as the next target of the social #media hosts Mark Zuckerberg.

But based on reports Bloomberg, Facebook’s Office in Johannesburg will also provide support for other African countries, such as Senegal, Ivory Coast and Ghana. The selection of Johannesburg as the headquarters of Facebook in Africa at this early stage is indeed has



Twitter is indeed has become everyone’s favorite social network. With the number of users who have reached hundreds of millions to prove that #Twitter is social media that is favored by the public. My own include people who enjoyed this social media.

The achievement has been obtained from twitter this of course gives the sense that social #media established the Jack Dorsey’s potential to be used as a means of development and popularity of the business and brand yourself. If you do require a promotion or marketing against brand your business or Your personal branding, then you cannot miss this social networking.
Conventional Vs. Modern, which is superior to Increase Twitter Follower
After you have a Twitter account, of course you cannot silence. You have to make your Twitter account with the popular way of having a lot of followers. To get the follower in large quantities is certainly not easy. You have to fight and make your twitter account attractive to many people until the meraka willing and happy memfollow you.

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In this activity, tweet you post also cannot be arbitrary. You have to divide the tweet-tweet that is able to attract the attention of others. If you were able to bring the tweet-tweet this quality, then it is not impossible it will be a lot of people who will follow (mem-follow) your Twitter account. This is because the tweet-tweet that interest will usually viral or spread from retweet by other users.

In addition with the tweet, you also occasionally need to add pictures and videos in Your tweets. The use of an appropriate hashtag and will also affect the introduction of your account on the audience. Don’t forget also to post a tweet at the right moment in order to be more attractive to other people Your Twiiter account memfollow.

While it is difficult and takes time that’s not the conventional way, running briefly to add follower has its own advantages. The advantage is giving you a follower of the original accounts instead of a fictitious account or on the account of the robot. Certainly with the follower yag original, then you will be easier to make your campaign more effective and successful.


In using the services of third party follower Adder, you should also pay attention to how they offer. Do not use Application Enhancer follower of such oppositely will ultimately be detrimental to your own. Even if the case is extreme, until Twitter can just block the account belongs to you because it is deemed to have violated the rules of his own.

In the end some of the how to add a Twitter follower last basically is your choice. But whichever way you choose, which should be kept in mind and should take precedence is the quality of the follower. Do not let You have a lot of Twitter follower but everything is simply a robot account thus gives you a disadvantage because it will worsen the image of You or your business.


Apple stem cell plus BioGreen Apple Stem Cell Science PLUS for beautiful skin and youthful *

Raw materials from Switzerland Apple 1

The Composition Of The Apple Stem Cell Plus product of biogreen
1. Phytocelltec Argan

PhytoCellTec tm Argan serves to regenerate cells mainly in the layer of skin cells and reproduce in fitroblas that serves to produce collagen and collagen-binding. Without Fitroblas then sulemen collagen is not useful.

2. Phytocelltec Mallus Domestica (apple Stem Cell)

Uttwiler Spatlauber Switzerland old varieties is very rare nowadays. Apples that grow only in Northern Switzerland is famous for its wonderful because it can be stored for a long period, but was eventually knocked out by sweet apples because it tastes bitter. Because it can be stored for a long time without being dull or loses the mind feels, obviously Apple has special ingredients, especially long-lived stem cells. And longevity is what becomes special interest researchers Mibelle Biochemistry an their prodoct like harga bio stemcell gold.

3. L-Glutathione

Glutathione is an Antioxidant Super useful for counteracting and eliminating the free radicals cause various diseases and cancer. L-Glutathione is also very nice to make the skin becomes bright

4. Hydrolyzed Collagen

Elastic collagen extracts from the sea depths of France contains the same amount of gold contained in human dermis. The molecules are much smaller than the collagen products are sold in the market. This leads to more easily absorbed by the skin of humans and used to repair chapped skin, providing moisturization for dry skin and removing wrinkles, and skin have a better rate of elasticity.

5. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

As an antioxidant that helps boost the body’s endurance and fighting to ward off the attacks of the disease

The benefits of consuming Apple Stem Cell Plus:

Help strengthen joints and bones
Activate the cells of the body and skin
Reduce risk of cancer
Help improve power absorption by body kolegen
Help make the skin white, smooth, slick and chewy
Keep the moisture of the skin so the skin is always fresh and radiant
Protect skin from excessive UV light can damage skin cells
Help anti aging process and antioxidants to maintain health and heart
Help stimulate the body in order to produce more of its own kolegen
Help to expand the production of BREAST MILK
Help relieve joint pain
Improve the appearance of skin structure
Mengharmoniskan husband and wife sex
Launch defecation and avoid the wind out of the vagina
Stabilize blood pressure (Tensi)
Speed up hair growth in children, thick, black hair and glowing
Body skin becomes moist, reddish, smooth & slick. Heel became slippery & broke broke missing, face growing brighter and glowing
Menses become regular, clean and scent your vagina
The body become stronger against various diseases
The mind so quieter & relaxes, capable of handling the problems encountered with the quiet reply & not irritable, sleep better
Remove tingling
Make your ideal weight
More powerful, more agile and feels light

Cure heartburn, stomach be relieved no longer stung, eliminate constipation, sewage runs lancer
It eliminates the anxiety or restlessness

You will lose a lot of potential especially emotional relationship through their brief comment. In fact, just build the email list has become the one thing that is foreign again. Thus, how can you make communications and sharing?
4. No place to Share

Testimony being presented is important for companies that are promoting products. However, it does not mean success stories or experiences that are simply just aliases created make. But purely from their own experiences when attempting service or service that we provide.
Some Important Terms and their meanings in Blogging
The company realized this would make interesting content about one case where certain conditions can alter the paradigm customers who had been angry in fact become loyal customers. But, with the blog that never made a post at all means giving the impression if you don’t give special service to customers.

There is no news or content that talks about how a customer who changed his life, or how the product that you are offering to provide great benefits for users. As customers will be told to see a rigid display without any further action from you.

Some Important Terms and their meanings in Blogging

Important Terms-In-Blogging

Create your new to the blogging world, here are a few terms that are commonly used or known in the blogging world. Let’s listen to the information to enrich our insight about blogging:
1. Post

Defined as an activity is spread the content of information to be known by the other party. Posting may take between one party by the other party through the intercession of the email. Or from one party to many parties as someone while doing a post on #media social, blog, website or other mass media.

By doing a post, then a party may disseminate information shaped articles, phrase, image, video or sound files quickly and easily.

2. Blogger

Those who have blogs or creating content on a blog. Bloggers build a blog are usually aimed at disseminating information or announcements to be known by others who read their blogs. But there are also bloggers who made the blog as a means to write down daily mood or expression of experience.

One blogger code of ethics is presenting a polite blog content, free SARA and don’t do copy paste from other blogs. In Indonesia, many bloggers who are creative and able to develop a blog becomes profitable online startup, an example is

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3. Domain

A unique name that is used as an address to identify a website, the serveratau blog on the internet network. Dmanfaatkan domain to distinguish one server address with the other server. Therefore, there is no website or server with the same name in the internet world. For example, if a server uses the name, then there will be no other servers can have exactly the same domain as the domain have Google.

Top class domain also has a classification based on countries, such as Indonesia that various websites domain ending with “.” or origin Malaysia website with the domain “”

Tutorial Hijab For the latest Modern Kebaya-not easy to choose modern hijab for the kebaya fitting and charming look because there are factors to consider such as adjusting the hijab with the dominant, modern kebaya has lace-lace and also adjustment will kind of hijab related with modern Moslem kebaya. Therefore, the setting up and structuring model kebaya modern hijab indeed should be considered in order to mature in later modern hijab and muslim dress your kebaya looks harmonious and graceful impressed.

Example Drawing Tutorial Hijab For The Latest Modern Kebaya
In addition to selecting a model kebaya Muslims also need to specify the hood model fitting and in accord with Islamic fashion kebaya that will wear. It is not easy to choose a modern hijab combined contrasted the kebaya fitting and charming look because there are factors to consider such as adjusting the hijab with the dominant, modern kebaya has lace-lace and also adjustment will kind of hijab related with modern Moslem kebaya. Therefore, the setting up and structuring model kebaya modern hijab that you will wear on jual busana muslim etnik termurah the historic moment, it should be considered in order to mature in later modern hijab and muslim dress your kebaya looks harmonious and impressed.
Tutorial Hijab For the latest Modern Kebaya
Wide range of designer fashion hijab design developments increasingly impact felt increasingly positivnya by the community. Where it’s not just fashion design tempilan hijab are modern and fashionable, but the wearer also looks very stylish and fashionable trend following the development of the latest hijab models at this time. From the large number of models of the latest modern veil this century greatly once perceived benefits. Where it has been able to bring a fresh breeze in the world of fashion and modern hijab can give new colors on the fashion trend hijab. So the flavor saturated and tired would be models of hoods who earlier had been lost because it had been treated right away with a whole range of models of the hijab-the veil that is modern and up-to-date.

In the mengkreasikan a bandage clothing hijab that fit are aligned with examples of model kebaya muslim clothes we need to pay attention to layout designs and alloys colour schemes the hijab with the kebaya will be selected. Because harmony in fashion color, modern kebya was merged with veils we will kenankan later certainly can give a touch of that very, very charming and elegant look. Basically the kind of muslim dress kebaya is a muslim clothing has a very elegant and charming is very high, so it is needed a touch of ornament creations model hoods that can also be a fashion wrap dipola graceful and elegant.

So only the hottest information can we pass on to you summarized in a review on Modern Kebaya For Hijab Tutorial. Thank you have always to be able to devote your time to peel all the information including up to date information. As for other interesting feature that can also refer to your IE related about Modern Hijab Tutorial Pictures everyday. Look forward to the next short commentaries that have always been our subject will be a modern hijab fashion trend that we can serve for you

The application of the performance-enhancing cleansers and System cleaner app Android, application performance-enhancing or boosting is actually quite a lot of harm for the Android smartphone. The size of this application ranges from 16 MB to 20 MB. This application properly cleanse the dirt or garbage on your Android device, such as a cache application. But it has no effect. Although deleting junk, but the cleaning application itself also leave garbage after cleaning. This application also leave the cache.


So too with the performance-enhancing, right turn off all unnecessary #aplikasi. But it’s only temporary. After we turn off the application of boosting, so applications which had been turned off will be active again. And the RAM will return a lot of discarded. A lie only.


Not to mention, what we know is that if overuse of junk cleaner application or application boosting, will make android devices quickly broke down. Are the RAM memory and the android smartphone.

The Most Popular Android Application Country-Made Version Of Google Local excursions, the most popular android apps

In order to meyambut and commemorate the birthday (ANNIVERSARY) of the Republic of Indonesia to the giant digital company yesterday, Google gives appreciation to Indonesia that the country managed to create and develop applications popular Play Store. As we know Play Store is a place as a feature which Google Android there are hundreds to thousands of application developers ‘ creations of local and foreign children. From here the Android user will download the application desired and needed. The number of downloads and rating the good that has been done, Google users could then assess and gain some rank the best and popular applications.

The application of the performance-enhancing cleanser

Based on the record of #Google which is then declared the Republic of Indonesia to the HUT while-70 yesterday, there were five applications with local developer creations of the highest popularity among others. The popularity gained from statistical data downloads and Android user response is of course very valid. From the creation of the country eventually many people helped in carrying out daily activities. Then the local Android application whatever enters the big five in the popularity of Google’s version? Following his review.


  1. Local tours


#Android most popular applications from developers Indonesia’s first local tours. True to its name, the application of the local Tourism will present a comprehensive or thorough information about local tourist destinations in Indonesia.


Indonesia does have a lot of interesting sights and beautiful. Unfortunately there is no special platform in an application which can be used by travelers to find interesting sights. Well this is where Local Tourism applications present to cope with the problems experienced by travellers.


Data owned its own fairly complete local excursions, such as a tourist attraction based on the provincial, national parks and the island, as well as complete with photos, maps, reviews and features for visitors sharing information via social media. In conclusion, Local Tourism is a smart application will be able to change the #smartphone you become a qualified local travel guide.


Product packaging, by some 100,000 votes and positioned as the little things that sometimes escapes attention. In fact, packaging has a very important function, start protecting product; image, image and identity of the product; media information to the promotion or sale of a product. Therefore, do not consider trivial and trivializing the occasional presence of packaging.

At the very least bisnis kemasan produk, the function and importance of the packaging of the product there are 3, namely:

First, Physical Function. Product packaging had the most basic functions of physically as protective containers and products contained therein. Therefore, product packaging must be reliable against collision, sunshine, water, temperature, pressure, dust, air and others. The packaging must also be safe from contamination hazards (physical, biological, chemical), storage and delivery of safer, as well as secure at the moment and after its content is consumed.
The negative effects of Food Packaging for health

Secondly, The Function Of The Information. Product packaging is good not only hold up physically, but also should fulfill its functions to provide correct information to the consumer. The information in question is anything that is considered important to be known by consumers by referring to and obey the applicable laws and regulations.

Third, The Function Of The Promotion. Product packaging that is OK also must fulfill its function as a medium of promotion and sales strategy. Related Packaging Products, this surely must be unique, attractive, can do a presentation by itself, as well as being able to give a first impression that attract and persuade consumers so that the intention and action to buy it.

So, don’t be random in selecting and using the PRODUCT PACKAGING. By wearing a good product packaging and fit, success is already in sight. This of course must be a synergy with the products that are really good quality.
Food Packaging Information:

The classification of product packaging article on the function and the importance of Packaging products, we have been informed that the product packaging has a function […]
Selling Cheap Packaging we sell luxury packaging for your product. The packaging is PACKAGING is IMPORT aluminum foil in the form of Stand […]
Sell SELL Coffee Packaging PACKAGING COFFEE quality import with reasonable prices. Coffee packaging we sell is available in a variety of categories: […]

Packaging is a way or a safeguard against the treatment of foods or foodstuffs, in order that the food or food ingredient good that has not been processed or that has undergone processing, can get into the hands of consumers with “Congratulations”, in quantity or quality.

Food or food ingredient interaction with the environment can cause adverse impacts to these foodstuffs, among others:

1. mass Interaction:
– Contamination mikrobia (fungi, bacteria, etc.).
– Insect Contamination.
– The addition of water or menguapnya water.
– Collision/friction.

2. Interaction of light:
– Against Oxidation of fats, proteins, vitamins, etc.

3. The interaction of heat:
-Occurs the sandbar, the color change.
– Defective nutrition, case hardening etc.

Creative people are always open to suggestions and criticism of any person. She always received and filter it all for later made the refinement of his creativity. He would not reject outright the words of others, good ideas from others that will probably invite him to work with her, or just comment on.
Creative people are always open to suggestions

Criticism is a great passion for her spicy to go ahead, not a sword that ramming it and drop it. Praise, is proof of his efforts, he may be glad for the compliment, but not his passion for fire menyulutkan continues to innovate.

6. Judging from all points of view

Judging from the viewpoint of two or even more, is the habit of creative people. If they do not find new ideas from one point of view, then he will seek from another point of view. Because for them, there is definitely an idea tucked away behind one of these viewpoints.

Because accustomed to think beyond the habit (out of the box), they will be looking for a new perspective from the point of view of most people. From the advice of others can be used as a new point of view. That’s why creative people will never run out of new ideas.
7. They are not lazy, But Busy

Sometimes, if you’re doing something fun or were busy looking for ideas, they will not care about others. They only focus on his new invention or idea development.

That’s why sometimes people around menangapinya with a negative response. They are creative people not got around to tidying her bedroom, never tidied up their workplace instead of being lazy, but there is no time for mengurusinya. Although not all creative people so well, but this is how it is.
8. They always want to know

If there is something that interests them, surely they will directly focus on it. They will give you all the attention on the topic or something. That’s what creative people do. Not even just one, all the things that he will certainly look attractive target on all of it. They are interested in new things, the development of new ideas, new ideas, inventions and many other things.
9. Take the time They

Creative people have always had the chance to rest their minds. They always have time for that. Doesn’t have to be long, even just 10 minutes it was enough. Usually the creative people always have to be alone, to schedule a walk alone or do hobby with people around him.

They chose to rest their minds in order not to stress, because stress inhibits people to think creatively. And it is not terpungkiri, that sometimes new ideas appear at moments like this.

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10. Creative people Is a smart Man

Most intelligent people that are creative, why? Because people are smart and creative, it’s very similar, almost 99% similarity. They’re the smart people always find new ways to resolve the problem, similar to creative people. That’s why savvy can be associated with creative. Just as Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and other creative people.

They are often looking for a solution to the problem-solving, even thinking out of the box, just like creative people. But it’s not all that smart, creative people and not all the smart people that are creative.

Let’s match with your habits, approximately how many matches you. If all, then you are truly creative people. However, the above habits cannot be used as a benchmark of 100% as a sign of creative people. Due to the fact there are still many other habits of creative people. Although you do not have the above habits, creativity can still be dug up if we tried.